Hongkong EP15 Shenzhen in a Different Light

While earlier we did saw it's bad points, seeing how the highways are cleaned and devoid of beggars, it kind of look like the best side of Manila. On the way there we had a hard time deciphering the lines of Ms. Lisa that it took us a minute or two to get what she said. I end up becoming the unofficial translator of what I understood from what she said. She smiles frequently whenever she has nothing more left to say, probably thinking what's wrong why we can't decide.

We're suddenly a huge family!

First stop was the Jade Jewelry. Again, no cameras inside were allowed and the mandatory explanation of how to spot original and fake jades and the likes. Our group was entirely small compared to the others and this is the first time we've seen a lot of Muslims and Indians around.

We (I mean MY family, but I think the other family were able to buy a Pi Xu) have refrained from buying anything other than tea, which we got for a bargain after the father in the other family posed my mom as "another wife". You see they have a buy 2 take 1 promo so it was a chance to pay much less. I would have bought a small Pi Xu too but I don't want to drain my entire stash.

Not from the jewelry outlet, but this is what a Pi Xu looks like. It's a pair when bought, one attracts wealth and the other controls the flow. 

Story telling at Happy Train

She offered us a chance to go inside the Windows of the World with food but we ended up not getting any because it would be much more expensive to our companion family. If I remember correctly she was saying it would cost us around 1K per person, much less than Disney. What's unfortunate with this is that none of us came prepared about this that even though I still have some for the 3 of us to use for the entrance fee, we can't simply afford leaving the other family behind. What we had though was the Happy Train. It cost us around 90HKD (oh I wish this is correct) which goes around the park, giving us an overview of the place.

There's not much to see though, mostly trees and a few few stories high monuments, but the trip only highlights how it would be amazing to really go in the park. I wish when me and Reagan tries this trip again we'd be with a group who would be willing to go in.

My extremely soft purchase at the Bamboo Shop

Like the rest of the trip, introductions on the applications of bamboo on different mediums are put into demo one of which was this amazing scarf like something. I haven't managed to know what's it called but being an all in one of sorts made me extremely happy getting one. Heck it can even be a dress!

The one in the middle is filled with charcoal that is for indefinite use to eliminate smells on the ref and the only maintenance is once a year of sun bathing this item.

Going back to HK

After this we were ushered to the terminal to pass immigration to get back to Hongkong. The actual terminal is not the actual immigration but after we pass the inspection, we looked for the shuttles were supposed to be in. It took us a long time finding ours (communication barrier mostly) and the fact that they used the word 'bus' made us more confused. What was waiting for us however were a bunch of extremely new vans. By this time we have to separate into two once more, us going with another family (a couple) who were already waiting for us. We have not bid Ms. Lisa a proper goodbye but I think in spite of not giving in to her requests of spending time at Windows of the World, we made it up to her by giving her a good review and extra tip. Goodluck to her career!

The driver had us prepare for the immigration forms on the van and simply had to pass our papers to the immigration officer. Looks a lot like your normal toll gate, but much more strict. I've never seen so many cameras pointed to a car before but this is for me much more better than actually looking a local in the eye. Remember the last time I was with an officer? Yeah, that.


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