Hongkong EP12 Draining Energy at Disneyland

When everything seemed so so normal...

After everyone had their fill, we then went back to the bus to take us to Disneyland. But this was AFTER we have learned the mystery of:

1. Why the photographer was insistent on taking each and one of our photos.

2. Why the photographer grew missing when we were at the Jewelry outlet

3. Why HE suddenly appeared at the Happy Store and join us at the bus.

More tour information was provided by Mr. Lee but to my dismay, they began selling stuff. Boxed keychains and plates of our pictures. It's irritating that this 'technique' totally got my mom who was so willing with indulging with pictures that I can't simply not buy them and they're not cheap at all! It's so so pricey :-(

Mid level Victoria Peak

Finally, Disneyland!

Specific instructions were given to us once we're on the park, and that is we have to go back immediately after the fireworks. We have at least 15 minutes till we reached the parking lot for our next destination. What's worrisome is that the driver will not wait and no show only means that you are on your own after that.

It was indeed a long walk from the parking to the arch and I sort of forgot to time how long it took for us to walk. Everyone was in festive mood all of a sudden.

I now understood the reason for the 2 day pass because you can't simply finish them all in a day (again) but here are My Top 3 Disneyland Picks

3. Philhar Magic

Offers 4D Disney show (see times on the brochures at the park, we got ours near the gate AFTER the one with the tickets). It's a delight to the senses!

2. Small World

When I was roaming around (I left off when they were waiting for the train) I saw the sign and I could not believe my eyes. Star City used to have this, but this is much much more! Love it!

Kay liit nga ng mundo!

1. Jungle River Cruise

I'm no swimmer so I was kind of scared that the boat will tip off but it was an amazing experience. We experienced the place AFTER the parade so it was about sunset, adding to the 'illusion' of the authenticity of the ride

While my sister and mom was indulging themselves with the train, I was held up watching the parade (I wasn't able to check the time though) and it was just luck when I stumbled upon it. So when it was done, I panicked that my family is not where I left them. It's unfortunate that none of our phones actually work so I have to stay where I last saw them. Alas, they came to my relief.

We stayed up until the fireworks but was not able to fully finish it because we were much more worried being late. I am so thankful that I'm with them because my sense of direction is much more worse when I'm stressed. We were able to spot some of the guys we were with the bus earlier and we went with them, half running.

When we reached the meeting spot, we were separated from the rest of the group who are going to stay somewhere else. We shared the bus with a few other families together with the family who we will go with to Shenzhen. We were about to go but a certain family actually had all of us wait for their entire family, one of them even much later. Rolls eyes.

When we were dropped off however, an unfortunate surprise happened.

Me buying the expensive sim a blessing in disguise...

When our stuff were pulled out of the bus one by one, we were shocked to learn that my sister's bag is missing! The driver who knew very little english and was a bit of a snob suddenly succumbed to tiny bit of smiles for the inconvenience. He told us to call Mr. Lee so he can call the driver's boss so they can find where did the bag go.

When we're inside the station I had a long conversation with Mr Lee (language barrier it seems) and he was shocked the bag is missing as well. He asked why we haven't checked and I told him, which is true, that the driver just insisted that the bags are already loaded and he didn't allow us to check. Since it's already late and no one can find the bag, he just said I call him when we reach China.


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