Hongkong EP11 Free food tasting at Happy Store

Before they leave us to Disneyland, they took us to a small store in a building I've no idea where. It's a small retail shop that offers pasalubong: food, bags, shirts.

They also have unlimited free taste of food which Mr. Lee was promoting endlessly to consume because food at Disneyland is quite expensive. I'm not really fond of food tasting that much it felt cheating*.

I bought Almond cakes and some other boxed food (Rice Crackers I would gladly buy in bulk but I don't know how to carry that huge of a pack) I can take home. Later when I come home I will realize how I've not bought enough for everyone. I wish none of my office mates remember I was on vacation haha!

Tip: They are aware of the pasalubong hoarding so they do offer free shipping to hotel. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to try it out, because by this evening, we will travel to Shenzhen.

* Or so I believe. A friend of mine told me that these kind of shops sell goods notches higher compared to when you go the the actual market. I guess that answers the question why HK tours don't offer tour to local markets because they are taking you somewhere instead.

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