Hongkong: EP05 Quickie at Cafe de Coral

Earlier, we were advised by Vincent to come down for breakfast and check out as early as 645. We went out much more earlier than that, 630, and he was right in the influx of people. Our itinerary tells us that this same evening we will be going to Shenzhen so we need to check out.

We haven't requested for anything (other than the adaptor) so check out is a breeze and I got my deposit (500 HKD) back.

After our check out we headed to where our breakfast was served: Cafe de Coral.

Tip: If you are also staying in this hotel, do a left, the alley near the garbage cans (yeah, so far no one cares about this) which is quicker than the right turn (what we first took).

While waiting, we saw the rest of the visitors, most of which were Pinoys. Later on we would see plenty of them and even go around in the same bus. 

Simple yet flavorful at Cafe de Coral

We were given 3 vouchers which have 3 options on them, all served with toast, choice of tea or coffee, egg and your choice of meat: sausage, luncheon meat and some other meat I forgot. It's a fastfood so you need to go to their food counter to have your food served.

Noticeable is how quick everything was. They create your meal as systematically possible so you won't get hungry too long.

It was very simple yet I would have loved to come back. For a fast food, it's not that bad at all. And the prices are reasonable even if you want to go on your own, less than 50HKD and you're good.

Tip: They serve your food on little trays. Do not remove your food from it because it makes their cleaning easier. Our office cafeteria follows the same suit so it was next to a habit already :-)

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