Hongkong: EP03 Rambler Oasis Hotel

On the way to our hotel, I can't stop but be amazed at the largeness of it all. Buildings are just too tall compared to what I've seen here in Manila and their sky ways are too high up I think I gasped when I realized how high we were off the ground!

HK being surrounded by mountains make me compare it to Baguio only so so much in an extreme scale.

The view way up high...

The lobby of Rambler Oasis Hotel is at the 5th floor and we were dropped off at their parking area. I guess they've reserved much of their floors for parking because guess what floor they gave us? It's just the 30th floor! I don't even think I've ever been that high up in a building ever!

Tip: There are 3 of us but we were advised by the driver to ONLY give two passports for check in as it will incur a separate charge. 

The room they gave us is decently spaced, 2 beds, cable tv, bath tub. Not bad for an inexpensive hotel.

The view from top is nothing to be desired though, because we are near the port so all we can see out of the building are ships and cargo. I'm not complaining, but if you really must have a breathtaking view, go pay more for other hotels instead. Another disappointing factor is how the hotel is so far from the city proper that my plans of sneaking out to go to TST is already jeopardized as it is not near for a taxi and I can't find the nearest MTR station :-(

To note also, that sockets are the 3 pin type so you may need to request to borrow (for no charge) an adaptor. I've read through online that this is normal at all hotels so don't fret your gadgets would drain juice when you're here.

After lunch time, we were already picked up by our tourise guide named Vincent who gave us instructions how best we can enjoy the park. Again, my ears are still adapting to their English so It was really hard keeping up.

The ride from our hotel to the park was around 45 mins long and like as if the weather is mocking us, it started to shower :-(

View from hotel (outside of our door) at night

Hongkong EP04 Wind Burns and Egg Puff at Ocean Park


  1. Hi Tin, How far is the Rambler Oasis from the MTR? Is it accessible to transportation? I am planning for our HK Macau Trip this December and got some quotation from this hotel.

    1. it's really far. the only mode of transpo you can have from there to anywhere else is via bus(?) and cab. i remembered my officemates say that taxi is quite expensive there though.

    2. i think if you plan to do a D.I.Y trip, do your best to find a hotel at TST so you can shop at night, it's very near MTR as well. and since you plan for a Macau Trip too, double check your IT with the boat ride to Macau as it has schedules. :-D happy trip!

    3. Thanks Tin, we decided to book with Emperor Happy Valley Hotel (with shuttle service) included in the tour package provided by our travel agency after reading favorable reviews vs reviews on Rambler Oasis in Tripadvisor and Agoda. Thanks for the inputs!

    4. sure thing. have a happy trip!

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