Hongkong: EP02 Bye Philippines, Hello Hongkong!


Out of the plane, we headed to the immigration area* where we wrote our arrival papers while on line. Tiger Airways should have provided us those paper prior landing but they were out of it that time so we ended up rushing writing our details.

When it was my turn it took me a long time to realize that the guy behind the immigration counter was asking for my hotel details. I think he got too annoyed and remarked how I could not answer a very simple question. If I was a bit braver I might have insulted him for his accent but 1. that's too juvenile, and 2. not my country.

All 3 of us have never been to HK before and even though my mom have her own share of airport knowledge, none of it prepared us once we went out of the arrival area. There's too much people and we have no idea where to go next. We walked aimlessly finding for a clue. Only with a strike of luck (I guess) that I saw the poles in Hall B bearing our stickers' name. (Later when I was reading our document papers at the very bottom of the paper, there was an instruction there where to go :facepalm: )

Tip: If you decide to go with a travel agency, both Halls A and B have these poles where names of agencies are posted for you to see. The name of the agency that meets you there may be different than the one you booked with. Consult the documents that were provided to you.

We were greeted by Rebecca (Stay Asia) who explained briefly our IT, handing us a copy as well. I even bought from her a sim with load because my ever so reliable network provider DIDN'T WORK AT ALL when we landed. It's too expensive, 98 HKD, but seeing that I have no choice, I bought it anyway. It comes with 150HKD load and is valid till next year. It's not a waste though because I was able to use it later on.**

After all of that, we were escorted out of the terminal and took us for check in in our hotel via bus.

Hongkong: EP03 Rambler Oasis Hotel Review

*If it's your first time, don't worry you won't miss it.
** By our second day something unexpected happened.

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