Smash Book Project: Tip Bag Collection #2

Scrapbook Material Hunting

One of a Flipino scrapbooker's woes is not being able to find a really good store. We don't have Michael's here (I swear I need to visit that place) so we need to be more open with our very few options.

1. NBS is a popular site to go to, but not all sites are equal. The best NBS I've ever been so far was the one in ATC. They even have paper quill there! What I am not sure now is if they still have the same variety of items as before because before I left, there were signs of them transferring to a less craft-friendly area. I haven't seen it for around 3 years so I may need to go back just to check.

2. Lesser known book stores also have some tiny gems that are not found in NBS. If memory serves, Expressions still have stationaries and little stuff we grew up with which we can use in our junk journals. Even BookSale have stickers.

3. Simplejoys have been my secret for the longest time but seeing how a lot have blogged them already, I might as well not consider it a secret anymore. The only issue I have with them is how most of their offerings are a bit expensive that I usually just go for the sale items (unless I really really want an item)

4. Department and supermarket stores have plenty of these as well. Both Robinson's and SM have scrapbook items on tiny places you just have to find the paper section, or any area that they keep albums. It is a bit of a treasure hunt though, and it varies on each mall you go to. Landmark also have these, and cheap Washi tapes too.

5. Online esp. at Multiply. I bought a few of my stash from there but the shipping fee is such a waste. What's more, The exact washi tapes I bought online was cheaper in Landmark, If only I have looked earlier. I have also recently seen Memory Lane Store but have not bought anything yet. They do have their own store you can visit but I have not yet found it on my own so I could not give out instructions.

6. Office Warehouse also have a few stickers here and there, but the real beauty of this is all the paper related items you can buy. Paper cutters, bind rings, post its. You have much more options here than NBS sometimes. I have not yet bought paper from here but I did saw cute cheap stamps of letters.

7. Scrappin It is also a good option but I have not seen it yet. I may visit it before the year ends. I have only returned to this hobby lately so I missed this big time.

8. Divisoria can be a nice area to scour too but I don't suggest it as much because I have not found a dedicated array of stores for this hobby. You can however see cheap punchers here and there, China imported stickers, etc. At Tabora St. I enjoy going to shops that scrapbookers alike would enjoy, cheap colorful ribbons, flowers, cheap glue guns, etc. I even saw here exact non paper stuff at NBS, stamped and labeled under a brand.



  1. Which Landmark branch did you find the washi tape?

    1. you can find it at ayala, ground floor near the escalator. what you need to find first is the array of shelves with cute table decors (e.g. lamps, small usb fans, clocks) and stationaries. it is near the cashier :-D

      hope you find it!