Shorties: My doctor's diagnosis

So last last week, I had two separate days of meeting two doctors because of my ailment. My first checkup I was given a new set of vitamin b complex and e because she can't find anything wrong with me. I was complaining about my neck and I was worried that I'm already suffering from highblood. She checked my BP and it came out 100/70 so my fear is far from what she's seeing. She told me too to lower my head during sleeping. Which I did but somehow, it made me more prone to more serious issues.

The next few days I felt like dying literally because my days are peppered with dizzyness, shortness of breath and constant headache. I should also mention that my neck doesn't hurt anymore but my left shoulders are. I fear that this might be aneurysm so I decided to be checked once more.

Fearing the worst, Ai told the doctor everythng but my bp is still normal, so as my lungs. He told me that based on my narrations, I am most likely to have asthenia.

It's a curious thing, this asthenia, because I never thought that there is such an ailment as this. He told me to drink this certain medication to help me get through. So far it works, but not as much as I've hoped. I was half expecting a huge turn around on my over all persona, but I may be asking for too much. It does work because non of what I said earlier exists anymore but I am not as hyper as I thought I'd be. I'd wait to see how it works the longer I take it.

My doc also imparted me a quote which I should remember while at work -

Don't burn your candle too early