TME: Verify your Voter's Registration the easy way

1. Go to COMELEC's website via this link.

2. On the left side panel, click on the photo that has a magnifying glass on it

3. On the next page you will find a disclaimer of sorts. Click the button that says Precinct Finder Form

4. Now this part is quite problematic. It's fine that my name + birthday is unique enough that I didn't encounter any problems with my search. I do hope that they have a facility for Advanced Search for those that have issues with same names :-(

5. The results are straightforward, they give you the precinct and even the map where you are registered. Love it.

Well it is extremely easy to use, and precisely to the point. It's a shock to know that I am indeed registered, I always thought that my form was not sent by this "Kagawad" and used it for his own. I am glad to know that no one have used my account to vote for anyone I don't like. What's so weird is how it go that far, I mean, my family is registered to precincts that is within our subidivision. Who knew right? I should have found this site early on so I won't have to activate my registration again. Argh.