Baluarte ni Singson (4.7.2012)

A short ride from Vigan Heritage Village lies a wide hectare of land known as the Baluarte. We have not seen that many signs along the way but it's not hard to ask for directions on where it is.

When we arrived, what will greet you is a long line of cars on the parking. Next to that is a provision for kiosks of food and souvenirs, then a chapel, then the zoo.

From the entrance, it suddenly felt like emerging from a long swim, where all the sounds and smells overwhelm you in a rush. (What's ironic is that I don't swim at all :-D. My knowledge is from TV that's why)

I haven't been in a zoo for a very long time so I totally forgot how different animals fitted to one place smells like. It's not the best smell in the world and it's beginning to help raise my bushy eyebrows. It's like as if every barn smell is right at the edge of my nose.

Also to notice other than the huge crowd of people is the small number of animals. Like really. There are a lot of cages that cater to only a few species, some don't even have anything. I have stopped taking photos after a while because I can't help but be saddened by how some cages are small and too close to the actual audience that a few them may die of stress. There was this I forgot which specie who was taunted by this emo kid and it kept on circling to and fro his house due to stress of the invasion of his (animal) space. I was half wishing the animal would just claw the emo's eye's out just to teach him a lesson.

Tip: Come there REALLY early. There is no entrance fee for the zoo so brace yourself to the mobs of all types of people you may not be comfortable mingling with.

In all honesty, I could not see any effort in preserving the entire zoo. I mean, there is just too much people, and the fact that the place is free, there is no doubt that the pressure in keeping up with a place is a pain in the a*s. I would rather have them charge so that they can keep more animals, and keep the "unnecessary visitors" (if you know what I mean) away.

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