REFMAD Farms is another part of our itinerary that was not originally planned, nor was advertised elsewhere. But we are always eager to try out any place worth visiting.

Since tourist markers are not anywhere near, we almost got lost. But we got there anyway, and the farm was not as I expected.

The first time I learned about Dragon Fruit was when I read it on Reader's Digest. It looks weird and cool at the same time. But when we got to the farm, I realized I have no idea what it's tree looks like.

Basically, dragon fruit is a fruit of a cactus. So what you see up there are just dead trunks aiding the cactus to grow up. What's also cool about it is the extremely long time it bears fruit.

Other than the farm, they also have small sanctuary places where you can just stroll and meditate. What you are seeing above is a souvenir shop. Next to it is a small pool in case you missed swimming. Not a lot of people around so you have all the place for yourself too. Be aware though that the entrance fee here is on top of your entrance fee when you go in. Pool rate is 100 and 10 for entrance fee.

We also tried their dragon fruit flavored ice cream. It's not too sweet nor sour as I first tasted the fruit. My father also bought (3 for 100) cactus stubs which he will plant for later**.

I hope for the best for this venture of theirs because it's not yet a popular fruit locally. But seeing how they are finding ways to market the fruit through ice cream, chips, etc. I can see that someday all of this will be well worth the wait.

**Being a green thumb that he is, they are still alive and kicking. Although it might take years before we see any fruit so we'll just wait.

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