KanaHD (FREE Limited) Ipad

I am currently studying Japanese and one of the things I have on both my phone and tablet are Japanese learning tools. I can't find the one I've been using in my Android so I looked for an alternative.

Strokes are really important to learn so you might have to review how it is done. KanaHD offers a simple easy to follow stroke animations per character that will aid you in learning Kana the correct way. They have also included a space for you to practice.

It is semi-free so without any purchase you can only have access to the lerning part but not the quizzes, which is extremely important. You will eventually have to test yourself so you will end up buying if you want to stay on learning through this app. There are so many ways to customize the exam so you can master it on no time.

Verdict: Graphics are well made and everything you need is already present. It may not be better than the one I have on my Android, but this is better than most Kana apps out there.