Shorties: Don't Judge a Headband by It's Cover

Last week my face was so itchy all over. It's so frustrating not knowing what's the culprit, be it my bb cream, or the vitamins I take, even my shampoo.

So what I did was I searched for a large cloth band that can pull my hair all the way back (fringe and all) without that constant push of plastic near my ears. It was pretty successful ( I love my look, I look so urban) so I kept on wearing it for a few days until my face stopped being itchy and scaly.

 One time, I was on a queue waiting for my turn to pay and order for a sandwich at the office cafeteria. The foreigner before me was saying something and since i'm half deaf, it took a while before I realized what he was saying: "Do you like reggae music?' So I answered him as honest as I can saying it's all for convenience. He looked disappointed though. Maybe he has a followup question. I imagined to have said yes but it would put me in a much more embarassing situation when the only reggae singer I know I don't even have the patience to listen to (oh shut up) Suddenly I looked interesting, ne? 

That was the last day I wore that band :-D