Saud Beach Resort & Hotel (4.6.2012)

While Blue Lagoon gets more blog promotion when you search for Ilocos roadtrips, there is also a much nearer option, the Saud beach. It's just around 10-15 mins drive from Pagudpud Archway.

When you reach the area, you will see a handful of houses and resorts offering accomodations even up to your entire baranggay. We chose Saud Beach Resort & Hotel and went in.

I actually loved this photo because on the background my father is holding a small hermit crab and he's so gleeful I can't help but smile whenever I see this. Never mind my sister posing teehee

We (well technically they) only want to dip in the water so we didn't get the chance to see their hotel. Their parking is right where the the coconut trees are so don't be suprised if one of them happens to fall into your car :-D

It was already noon that we reached the resort so the cottages are all but taken. It's okay though because we (or I, I didn't swim) get to have a shaded spot for ourselves.

The sand is pulvoron white and cool to the toes and the sea is crystal blue. No wonder the locals on the area found a business opportunity.

The place is beautiful in my own standards and I truly enjoyed practicing photography here. And I think my sister enjoyed it as well since she took it as a photo op venue.

Another photobomb, both my father and youngest sister harvesting tiny crabs

Here's a complete album.

Entrance fee is 50php a person, cottage not included.