Rice Galore at Kim N Chi (5.13.12)

I didn't have any idea where to eat today before the seminar so I decided to visit Glorietta's foodcourt yet again. I see there are a few differences now (I haven't been here for a long time) and one of those that catched my eye was Kim N Chi. For one I loved their display of realistically created plastic food. What's amazing is they serve you what you see on the display.

After placing an order I was given a flat black disc which I've no idea what for. They did add instructions so newbies, for as long as one can read of course, will eventually understand.

I waited for a while and surely it vibrated and flashed informing me that my food is ready. I surrendered the disc and out came a platter of seafood and omelette enticingly placed on top of the rice. For a moment there I thought was a huge thick omelette. They served it with a thin soup and I added a bottle of mineral water.

The rice is just too much for me I guess (I'm dieting or so I believe) and the amount of seafood in the dish is not bad. What I'm not much a fan of is how the sauce was an over kill. It's as if all the flavorings in the world was dumped in there to make sure you really can taste something. It is okay for a while but it was just too much for me (not the type who pours all the gravy or ketchup).

Seafood Omu rice costs 119 pesos (differs what type of Omu Rice) you order and a bottle of water ranges from 20 (smallest) to 30 pesos (next size). They also offer bento boxes, kimchi (sorry I really don't order them from fastfood joints), chapchae and rice toppings. I also loved the idea that you don't need to stress your ears waiting to hear your name for your order. I would really love to go back and try their other dishes. It's also refreshing to see your food not only being prepared JUST like in the display and tasty too.

Visit their store at Glorietta 4 Foodcourt.


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