Currimao Rock Formation (4.7.12)

Getting Lost Level: Moderate

An off road track but still in our itinerary, this was one of our early stops before driving back to Manila. We almost missed this point if we haven't attempted going to one of their ports in which we found nothing. To save face we just simply asked where Currimao is and they pointed us on the beach on the horizon.

Since it was the beach, it is a bit far from the National Highway. Our map does not show where it is exactly (just a huge dot) that we still have to ask around for directions. Although advertised, it's not that yet developed for tourists. There were no signages except for the actual Currimao Beach Resort which is way up ahead on where we stopped.

One of the most amazing things you will notice from afar is how inspite of the strong splash of waves and the distance of the locals from the beach, they are still standing knee deep! It may not look like much but being a non-swimmer that I am I took no chances of getting close to any of the waves in the entire Ilocos coast line for fear of being swallowed whole.

The mystery was solved when we stood on top of the larger corals that littered the beach. From the top you can see from the clear waters that even if it is feet deep, Currimao is harboring a fantastic little secret, a bed of corals!

For the adventurous types you can simply look for the areas where the coral bed is a bit higher (the further you go usually) and see the waves up close on a safe distance.

Although it is a promising site, it's saddening that it's in danger of being ruined by civilization. There are bits of random trash on some areas that can still be ignored as of the moment but will greatly reduce the quality of the area in the long run. I hope the authorities will do a regular clean up of the place because as corals are really sensitive to trash, the people who lived by the sea may lose not only tourists but their means of living as well.

Life Hacks:

1. There is no need for you to actually go to the Currimao Beach Resort (You can save from the entrance fees) yet still enjoy the same view from the beach along the road. This is ideal if you have no plans of staying long or going swimming. If not then the Resort is the best option for you.

2. Pick a beach near where you can see the locals doing their thing. We are not sure what they are harvesting though (I'm guessing seaweed or locally known as gamet) but their presence usually means that you are near the coral beds making the water shallow than it really is. When I already learned how to swim i'd totally try that out.

A Friendly Reminder:

If you are even planning of having your lunch (or breakfast) here, kindly leave the place untouched and bring everything (including your trash) with you. Remember you are just a guest and a tiny candy wrapper is just a part of a heap of trash you would have prevented from accumulating in the first place.

Below is a video of the waves in the beach.

Full album here