TME: Mind Museum, the Soft Opening (2.11.12)

I think I've posted in Twitter way back how I donated to light up a star in the Mind Museum, one for me and one for my bf. Mars would have been awesome but it's just too steep but anyway, it's a ticket for an invite for the soft opening (1 of 3 days I think). A donor, no matter how huge the donation was gets a free pass (or so I believe) and a plus one costs 600 php each. We got the Saturday 3pm schedule which is I think is the perfect time to go since we could never be late.

We've never been to that particular area it was in so (see below for the map) it took us a while before we reached the place from RW. When we finally arrived, there are already a handful of people, mostly groups of families.

You will be first greeted by Aedi, a robot which probably looks just like one but is not a real AI. A fellow visitor, a father who was next to me tried to ask Aedi a question but the usher butted in. I never got what she said because we were slowly walking away then and I'm not sure who I am embarassed more, the guy who asked 'What's your name?' or the girl who was trying to provide an apt alibi where we can clearly see the mock robot can never talk back.

By the time we broke off from the group, everyone was already everywhere. It was so hard to decide on which direction we should start because everywhere looked interesting. From our vantage point, on the left there's space, on the right there's the escalator and in the middle, a... a... we'll get to that. We started on the left. 

I thought that when we came there we can even just a tiny bit get a glimpse on the small time donors such as we but as it was claimed, no, we still have to wait till the real opening. I wonder why they won't let us in onto what they plan on how to arrange our names but I hope that it won't disappoint. 

Most of the exhibits are interactive so you have to throw your OCness out of the window. You will have to press, turn, tug and touch almost every exhibit there is so don't ever wonder why it costs so much. They are, however, considerate since the price is drastically reduced for public students. It's as if those who can afford will subsidize for the cost.

Here are the things I don't like about the exhibit.

1. The printed signages and the 'crime scene tape' (or mind museum tape) is an eyesore.

2. The dome in the space themed room should have atleast 1. a scout of sorts because when we were there a kid kept on walking to and fro and it's distracting. It doesn't even help that she kept on calling for her mom. 2. decent setting of aircon because on our area it's as if we're infront of 10 industrial fans and 3. a closing door, or even a black cloth because the lights from outside shines in especially those that are close to the doors. 

3. Considering that most visitors will be kids, I think it will do us all good if the exhibits can be used by many at a time, or even a bit larger because just taking turns already takes time, and if, in the real launch date, there is still a strict time schedule, well, when the museum is 100% complete, it will then be a feat to experience everything at all! See, we were there around 3:15, one of the last visitors out at exactly 6pm and in spite of those hours, we have to quickly go through the 2nd floor just to experience what was up there!

4. And what about the puzzle of elements? I wonder how long they can keep the pieces intact; some kids may take home a piece as souvenir.

Here are the things I liked:

1. They allow cameras AND their lighting is superb.

2. They are not strict when it comes to ushers, so you can go on your own pace

3. When we reached the second floor there were already maintenance who wipes and cleans exhibits. Guards also started roaming the floor, which is a subtle signal that the tour is over. There is nothing more I hate when you are ushered OUT of a place just because you haven't noticed the time. What they did here is really decent.

4. They had steps leading you nearer to the replica of T-Rex so you can take a photo of it in different angles. It would have been awesome if they have more of those skeletons but a larger space might be needed just to house a few.
Additional things to suggest:

1. Longer time to roam around

2. A map

3. Voice overs for the exhibit for explanations (addition over the signages)

4. If it's possible to add color to the cylinder where you can simulate a twister because it's hard to make out the shape of steam in glass
3 Exhibits I love:

3. The moon where you can manipulate it's phases

2. The T-Rex Replica

1. The tunnel where the walls are moving, which gives you the illusion that the entire room IS moving.

Things I wish to see in the future:

A Tesla Coil. A simulation of a spaceship where you can become a pilot. A gallery that makes you feel like you're under the sea. An Anti-gravity machine. Oh man. I feel such a geek.  

I used to hang out with just encyclopedias when I was a kid so it's not hard to find enjoyment in this type of activity. If we are going back, I do hope though that they will be able to maintain and improve what they already have and be able to inspire more kids to be curious and be able to find fun in science like we used to; which is as I believe, like what the Mind Museum is trying to achieve.   

For the full gallery, click here.

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