Walking Through Lorenzo’s Way (10.8.11)


Still in the hunt for the best Baklava in town, we ended up going to Lorenzo’s way. Last time wasn’t as good as I anticipated and I really am serious of knowing where I could ever buy the closest to the ones our cousin sent to us who used to work in Turkey.


For appetizers they served us with vegetarian sticks or as they named it, Teriyaki Mushroom and Tofu Kebab. For every skewer you get pieces of tofu, mushrooms, peppers and onions one on top of each other, drizzled with teriyaki sauce. If you’re not even remotely fond of munching whole button mushrooms, don’t even bother.


Below is a dish called Coco Loco Prawns. It reminds me so much of one of my favorite food, Ginataang Alimasag and is a really far deviation of it. Coco Loco Prawns is a bit spicy (just look at that green chili right there), the sauce is creamy and it is reeking with seafood goodness. What’s so hard to understand about it is that although I love prawns, I’m not loving this as much as I do with every other prawn dish.


Must be the high blood

Race Course Road Fish Curry is my attempt to order anything with fish on it. First pieces were wonderful until I grew tired of the semi-curry taste. I’ve been eating curry in different places but this is the first time that it tasted a bit differently. You can notice how the color isn’t as dark as most curry around right? I guess it has to do with the usage of fish.


 The anemic fish curry

If the best flavored rice is somewhere called Mesa, there is so much less to what to love in their bamboo rice. I’ve been trying so hard to mask the strong flavor off the rice by pouring sauces from the two dishes aforementioned above but this was just too much. I’d rather go with plain rice. And the pungent odor as well. Whatever they put on this is for me, really just too over the top.


After the rest of our plates were removed, they now served the only dish we ever came here for. The Baklava.


While we can do without the ice cream on the side, the still warm baklava on cold ice cream enhanced what’s already good with the dessert in the first place. It is even cut the same (although I remember having squares, diamonds, etc) and sure as hell worth the wait. It is a bit on the pricey side yes but the only other alternative would be going to Turkey so this is by far, much more cheaper than that. By now I’m already satisfied with what I was given but perhaps some other restaurant out there exists with their own version of baklava. But for now whenever the craving exists, I now know where to go.

I have so much expectations on Lorenzo’s way but out of all the dishes presented I am not impressed at all; and although I’m not in charge in paying (grin) it’s hard to be willing to pay that much when all the time my taste buds are complaining.


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