Urban Adventures: Resorts World Manila in a day (10.29.11)

Resorts World Manila

Haven’t been to RWM before so the showing of the musical Sound of Music is a good alibi to visit the mall situated on an area inaccessible to most people. Which is by the way a good thing, because then it’s not too crowdy.

It is our first time after all, so you can’t blame us for not, in spite of the taxi dropping us off at the entrance to not enter through there first. We both saw from outside the Casino logo and we instantly walked to the right thinking we were there by mistake. Luckily they have another entrance on the farthest side, used by those from the parking lot.

We wanted to walk around but before anything else, we headed upstairs, looking tor the cinemas. We found it alright, but we are already 20mins late.

We now have plenty of time to look around and one of the places we went was the casino. Both of us haven’t seen or been into one in real life so it was an entirely new experience for us and what we found was how it resembles so much of what you normally see on TV. They have zombie-glazed eyed people, smoke lingering on the air with just one exception. I haven’t seen young sexy people in gorgeous gowns and suits. I guess in real life seniors abound in casinos more than what popular media makes us believe. 

There are so many restaurants around the area it took a lot of thinking on my part to stir my bf to one that took my attention the first time we approached the escalators. It had this curious chairs with pictures of people in exaggerated make-up,
It didn’t stop on the chairs though, because their menus are also something to giggle on, dishes named after actors and movies which totally confuses your judgement on what to order to finding what your favorite movie tastes like.  I sure will come back when I’m prepared (forgot the phone with a camera) to review

Priced at 200, it’s as if you’re paying for less people and comfortable chairs. They don’t have nice movies for the Ultra cinema house, our main target (priced at 500, unlimited drinks & popcorn plus butler) so we will just try it next time. There was a bit of technical issue at the middle of the showing but it was handled easily so that must have only been an isolated event.

Newport Theater
Right after the movie, we were able to find the entrance of the theater just in time before Sound of Music actually started. I haven’t watched any musical for a long time so this have made us all smiling from ear to ear. They’ve thought of everything, chairs, lighting, sounds and the actual musical of course! The costumes, the transition of backdrops are worth the ticket you’re paying it for.
What only irritated me that time was seeing an old woman 2 seats away from me recording the musical on her Ipad! The nerve. Sign says no recording and here she is being difficult. It would have been good telling in on her to the guards but I’d rather not exert the effort to someone who doesn’t know how to read.

We will surely come back next time, not sure if we’d ever try the casino but hopefully the Ultra cinema.  There are also a handful of restaurants there we would love to try and who would not like the idea of going somewhere not hogged by too many people? See you there next time!

Note: Yeah no pics due to the forgetfulness of the author T_T



  1. I will find out old woman's YouTube id so I can see what you saw

  2. lol ed i do hope she uploads it so I can tell her crime