EVOO Overload at Cyma (9.3.11)


It’s been days. I’m craving for baklava. My cousin once worked in Turkey and she usually takes home those sweet baklava treats with nuts. I don’t miss nuts that much since we can buy it here (although expensive—pistachio, walnuts, almonds, etc) but baklava… oh man. I could never find that taste elsewhere.

I shared this craving with Reagan and he was all game with us finding the authentic baklava I love. I was even thinking of going to Turkey which costs roughly 70k which is well, feasible, until we go to the part that the minimum requirement for a trip there is 15 people; in other words, I really must find one here in the Metro.

Since he’s a better googler, he was first to find that Cyma does offer such food. So we went there, all for the sake of me reuniting with my favorite dessert and him, to know what the fuss is about. We also haven’t dine hire yet so it’s another alibi.

Instead of getting set meals, we ordered what we think are Greek and at the same time safe. We’ve contemplated the menu and had a laugh on how to properly pronounce the names of the food (don’t worry they provide an English description) and started with Devilled Eggs. Always heard about it but haven’t really tried it anywhere before so I suggested it as our appetizer. Although the devilled eggs I’ve seen before aren’t presented like this, the ones on our plate were sweet and there are a few parts that stick to the gums. I will note that experience next time I order that elsewhere.



Moussaka came next which was another dish I deliberately ignore at the cafeteria due to the eggplant on it. But as you can see below, I don’t have much choice but help my man finish this serving made for sharing. I was telling him that it’s not that bad (I was worried with the eggplant taste) and I don’t recognize the vegetable on my mouth until he told me he picked those away before serving me. Aww. Sweet!


For someone who does not like Cheese that much, that sure is scary.

I wasn’t up for fish today or seafood (I still haven’t recovered from last time at Clawdaddy’s) so I just ordered the Chicken Adobo- Greek version. Although I don’t believe that this is indeed a Greek version of this Filipino dish, I assume that it’s the closest description they can make up to put in their menu and I was right. It wasn’t anything like the Adobo that I knew, starting from the looks to the taste. They have also served almost half a chicken it’s impossible to not share it with.


I can feel the oils building up in my heart.

And lastly, the sole reason of why we ever came here in the first place. The Baklava.

IMG1242 :-(

As I’ve said earlier, I know what I know about Turkish baklava (Like Spratlys, there are a handful of countries claiming the origin of Baklava) and this is not it. I don’t know if I was able to hide my dismay (in spite of a really huge chunk good for at least 3-4 people mind you) but this is not the Baklava I know. This is wet, and huge, and too sweet and no filo bread and a thin layer of the crushed nuts. No, no, no. This is not it! If it’s the Greek version again, they have totally ruined it. This steroidal version of the dessert I love is really awful.

I have always imagined going to Cyma being a good place to try Greek food and they may have the best of intentions it’s just that all foods served today are just by taste, too overpowering. I doubt that having rice or bread will change it but they could hold too much of EVOO in all of the dishes—everything is just too oily. I’ve tried Go Greek before, and although it’s not much of a classy place, the taste of the dishes served there are just right. Not that I’m saying Cyma isn’t any good, but come on. It’s as if you forgot we are thought to eat the dish.