Flavours of China (again and again) 08.14.2011


It has become tradition that every second week we go out to grocery. And more often than not, it also means we are out to eat out. One of our favorite restaurants would have to be this one, Flavours of China.

What I usually liked about Chinese restaurants is the Yang Chow Rice. It’s always lovely to eat and the servings are usually such as this. It’s as if they have too many rice cookers cooking at the same time just to keep up with the volume of this baby.


Caramelized pork with walnuts is also nice, although you can get by with a slice or two. And yes, this dish really have walnuts on it. Lots and lots of it.


This hotpot also packs so much taste this was the first one to have been fully consumed. It was simple and the ingredients are well cooked. We also had their fried chicken, which is surprisingly none too oily; it was so unlike this chicken chain that won’t hold the oil you feel like getting to hospital afterwards.

IMG1224 IMG1225

Full cost of meal? 1165 pesos. That also includes a pitcher of iced tea and 4 pieces of buchi. Not bad compared to their 999 meal promo. The only complaint I have of this restaurant is it’s long preparation time. But who would not forgive them when the food is just too wonderful? And so we’d come back for more and more and more…