Venice Piazza Food Adventures Part 2 (7.29.11)



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After a successful trip the last time, we braced ourselves for the last 6 restaurants in our passports. I was already eyeing the gelato.

July 29, 2011 For the Anorexic

The first restaurant we went to, Blackwood Bistro had it’s own sister company as well, Pinchos so we also agreed having their oysters served together with Blackwood Bistro’s salad.

IMG1175 zylo_pinku_0006

There was a bit of crab in there but there wasn’t anything in this salad you would find in any other salad. I immediately went to baked oysters.

IMG1176 zylo_pinku_0006

If it was prepared as such because it’s free, I honestly wish it to be so because there’s no way I will order this dish if it really tastes like this. I can’t help myself but ask for water to gargle the after taste; water, which was not given voluntarily on any restaurant today, like it was in the entire trip last time.

Closest to it was Empire Deli & Restaurant and it’s what we visited next.

IMG1178 zylo_pinku_0006

Thank goodness the salad taste nothing like orange so I was able to pick out the single orange that was in the salad. The baked macaroni was tasteless and the taste does not compromise the flimsy serving.

Up next is YoSwirls.

IMG1179 zylo_pinku_0005

Whatever made the yogurt original or vanilla we can’t make out. Both yogurts simply taste the same and the mango in the original mango flavor was really sour. It looked way better, and more in the photo.

Right after we finished our servings we went out back, where Pho Hoa and Sol Gelato was hidden away.

IMG1182 zylo_pinku_0007

Little Asia served much more but both tasted the same so there’s nothing to write about. Although the staff could be a bit more friendly, and accommodating at that. Unlike the rest of the restaurants where they have people assigned to greet and check your passports, their assigned staff was intentionally ignoring Food Adventure customers. We sat ourselves in when we grew tired waiting outside, the passports are on the verge of getting lost (good thing we remembered our passport numbers) and the staff wasn’t happy serving too much ‘promos’. Better get an attitude check.

IMG1184 zylo_pinku_0005

Next door was Sol Gelato.

You’d be greeted by a display of different flavor of gelatos available, one of which was my favorite, mint chocolate chip. I was already readying myself for your good old vanilla flavor and not my mint chocolate but to my surprise each passport holder can get 3 flavors in one cup yay!!! What I got were Ferrero, Mint Chocolate and Reeses. My bf got Ferrro, Cheese something and another flavor he sort of forgot. Yum yum!


And that now concludes the end of the Food Adventure. If it was any consolation we did have a few wonderful meals although some of them really are being scrimpy. But then next time we visit Mckinley, we will know where the good eats are. I’m just not sure we’d do a food adventure part 2 though. :-)