Venice Piazza Food Adventures Part 1 (7.16.11)

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While I don’t consider myself a foodie, there’s no reason for me not to be excited at food promos such as this. For a month (May 28-Jun 30), Mckinley Hill’s Venice Piazza held a one of a kind food adventure where you get to experience a 12 course meal coming from 12 different restaurants for 550 pesos a passport! But is it worth the price? Or this just some foolish attempt to lure in customers? What we did was try it out and visit—or make that two visits to make the best out of the passport.

July 16, 2011 Loosening our belts

The passport as it is can be consumed on any order so we went for any food we can. Our first stop was at Red Crab, in which we thought that since it’s crab, they may take a long time to be cooked which can make or break our intentions of finishing 12 meals that is only available from 6pm to 10pm.

IMG1152 zylo_pinku_0007

We arranged our date today that we got really hungry when we got there and eating a few bits of crabs clinging on the shells only made me hungrier than ever. It also ruined my poise since mine kept flying all over the place. Next was The Ramen Bar.

IMG1157  zylo_pinku_0007

The Ramen Bar is kind of known for it’s, well you’ve guessed it, ramen. But what they served us was chicken and kakuni buns with chicken. Tasty. You don’t find me complaining snacking on this one.

Sister restaurants were next which we only discover later on, when we sat in the Old Vine. They offered us serving the offering of Kuse as well to which we happily said yes. We have yet to be satiated.

IMG1160  zylo_pinku_0006

If don’t eat sashimi, there’s no way you would appreciate this. I haven’t tried a carpaccio anywhere but eating sashimi was a good practice for me to also enjoy the raw salmon.

IMG1162 zylo_pinku_0006

Okay so stop it drooling memories!! If you ask me at this moment if 550 was worth it, I would answer with a caps locked yes. There’s no way you can’t enjoy this Adobado with a sauce that deserves an extra rice and it’s meat peeling off the ribs and then melting in your mouth. It’s a shame a lot of the food adventurers who went out before us left so much of the meal left I hope our (me and bf) effort to finish the dish was enough to apologize for those people.

At this point I was already half full but we still pushed on, going next to Little Asia.

IMG1163 zylo_pinku_0006

If you may notice the passport says ‘or’. We forgot to tell them that we want each so we can try both (we do have two passports anyway) but they proactively chose it for us. Nothing that you may have tasted before, my only suggestion was adding a few more lettuce cups. We failed to ask for more since we believe asking extras would only result to payment or something. We didn’t get to finish the minced chicken.

Last two meals have been heavy so I was half wishing that our next stop, Sweet Pea would deliver exactly what it looked like in the photo: flimsy.

IMG1164 zylo_pinku_0007

But it weren’t to my dismay. Whatever that look in my shot, the chicken was larger in real life and the taste will make you love fried chicken all over again. It has this unique taste on it’s own, and progresses when you dip it in the buffalo sauce. Quesadillas was, well. quesadillas. After this there we were so stuffed there’s no way we can squeeze in our stomachs for 6 more. We called it a day.

And so we planned going for it the second time. There’s no way we could not finish this. (See next post)