Don’t just grab a seat! Grab a Mesa!


Situated at the 2nd floor Atrium right on the very corner, a restaurant is hidden away from everyone it’s almost like a secret. I didn’t even know it existed not until we tried it out on one of our lunch outs and I was shocked that I’ve been this way more than a dozen times yet have not noticed. One of our lunch buddies recommended this and the experience was so good, this has officially topped my favorite restaurant list. Since then I’ve been scheming how to sneak my camera phone to snap a few photos so I can make a decent review which no one would ever dare read without photos as proof. The opportunity came a few visits later, when I’ve brainwashed my family to celebrate Father’s day here instead of Tong Yang (they’re on my checklist still)

The few times I’ve visited I cannot not order my favorites: the Tinapa Rice and the Boneless Tilapia with four Sauces. Sure they have real good bagoong rice but never would I go here without the two. Boneless Tilapia is always a scene stealer because they’ve arranged two tilapias in a plate like a butterfly, the fish meat in cubes served with four dips. Sure there’s nothing new with fried tilapia. But it sure beats the hell out of everything out there. Plus, you get to impress first timers on the presentation.

100_1569 How could you?? Why make me miss you so much?!

We also ordered Hito. I never would order this in my life but since it’s Father day, by default I could not complain, especially when my father specifically pointed it. I’ve never enjoyed any hito dishes, not to mention how it’s head is a bit scary, so I requested the servers to point the head away from me. I may not have any appetite left when it’s fried head kept on staring.


Looks yummy eh??

We also had those baby pusit which is also one of his favorites. Or mom’s. I’m not pretty sure now.But anyway we ordered it and it was okay. The taste is non too grand.


And then of course, the meal would not be complete without rice, or for the purpose of this blog THE rice. You would be missing something big time if you dare go with plain rice. Besides, those specialty rice of theirs are the only ones meant for sharing. And they’re so good you’d be mad not even trying! You have 4 choices, 3 of which are below. They also have bagoong rice but we didn’t order one this time. Although that’s a recommend as well.

100_1576 Sisig Rice: Well not this. I’m not into uncooked egg combined with rice.

100_1573 Laing Rice: Really tastes like laing.

100_1574 Tinapa Rice: Heaven in each bite. I will never ever ever get tired of this.

And lastly we ordered Fried Leche Flan which I was intrigued of. I was thinking something like fried ice cream of sorts. So happens that it’s only leche flan wrapped in your standard lumpia wrapper and fried. And the end result is a crispy stick of gooey lovely stuff.


Total cost? 1472 pesos. Yes. I couldn’t even believe myself. I wonder how long it will take for them to extend branches. Amazing food that won’t eat back your budget. I haven’t tried in any existing branches nor the sister company, La Mesa Grill, but in case you and you’re family are up to Filipino food and is around the Mega area, try to visit it in Atrium 2nd Floor. Hurry though. A lot are on the “secret” already.



  1. hello ms. tin a pie, may i ask where atrium is? must try this, thanks! :)

  2. @cutelilbastard o gosh i'm sorry i haven't seen your reply! anyway, it's in megamall atrium level 2. hope this helps!