ClawDaddy’s: The Claws that Feed you


I rarely hang out at EDSA Shangri-la and if it weren’t for Egai Sai I would not have stepped foot in the place after a very long time (last was when I was in college). And since our date is not complete without dining anywhere new, we end up at ClawDaddy’s.

Found right next to Starbucks parallel to the cinemas, it’s hard not to be reminded of the ambiance akin to Bubba Gump. It has all those fish scupltures and frogs and what-have-yous you normally expect on a seafood restaurant.

Before anything else, the waiters serve you boiled corn. I don’t know if they get to say how many pieces they serve you or it’s standard three because I overheard from the next table asking for another piece since there are four of them. A few minutes later, our first order came which is the appetizer. that one has 4 finger foods right there. I can’t exactly remember what’s on the breaded ones but a pair of them is cheese and then there’s the spicy buffalo chicken or so I want to believe, the other bread pair has the same consistency although I can’t tell what that is exactly.


While there are a lot of curious things on the menu, we opted for the Famous Seafood Boil, priced 1k++ and good for 3-4 people. That’s all the seafood you wanted right there boiled to some “broth”. This choice was seriously regrettable because it’s just too bland. Even my dad can ‘boil’ mussels much better than this.


After engorging too much seafood in one seating (remember, it’s just me and bf), we ordered (after much bargaining on how many we should get), we had their apple pie for both of us to share. It was a nice ending to a rather sad hour of forcing ourselves with tasteless meat.


But my love for seafood is endless so even if, let’s say I won’t be eating any seafood for a few weeks or so (to lessen cholesterol levels from too much of a good thing) we will still try out a few of their dishes. Maybe that Crab Maritess I always read about…


Verdict: A second chance may finally hit the spot. :-D


P.S. I would like to note how we were supposed to get nachos for appetizer and mud pie for dessert, and both are not available. I always find this annoying at any restaurant who doesn’t inform you what’s not to order for the day. I still crave for that mud pie dang it.