TME: 2days & 1Night at Hotel H20

Found on the park itself, I never would have found the reception area if I was just visiting the actual park, which was where, on the third floor? Reception queue was almost always packed (better have your companions wait at the huger lobby on the right) and the demand for what type of room is great, especially if what you wanted was the Aqua room. As much as I wanted the Aqua theme (one of your walls is an aquarium where at some point a diver would clean while you watch) I just pressed (kindly) how I wanted a room at that instant (I was early on the check in time) so they gave me the park view.
The semi-hidden lobby**
The room we got was at the 2nd floor almost at the end of the hallway. The minimalist decor they got going made it look so homey and inviting. I particularly enjoyed the comforters.
Our sister actually forced us not to rush in before taking a decent photo. **
If you can make out of my reflected image, that’s the water park right there from our room
Wi-fi is free when you checked in so don’t forget to ask for a temporary account. It’s valid for 24 hours so you don’t need to ask (call) each time you wanted to log in. What I’m not sure though is if you can ask for multiple accounts because when we tried logging in using our phones, we weren’t able to use it simultaneously with the laptop anymore. 

Room service includes a pay per view movie which you can avail if you want to. It’s either that or you actually experience the park.
One of the features of the hotel was how all the bathrooms are not for the conservative. The doors of both the bathroom and the shower room are walled in glasses, frosted at the middle for semi-privacy. The doors aren’t lockable so basically, it’s not a good idea sharing a room with a friend who loves to do pranks. Good thing I brought my sisters.
 100_0759 100_0760 100_0761   
I have to note how I loved the overhead shower. I can stand there for hours.
The morning after, it was a fun being able to be in the grounds with no people. A nice change for the second time I’ve been in the park. We were also near Baywalk that runners and those who love to exercise have the option to go out instead of the in house gym. We would loved to if weren’t excited about the buffet breakfast courtesy of Makan Makan. We went there really early so we won’t be stuffed with the rest of the visitors. By the time we were done people are already piling up.
100_1169 100_1172100_1173100_1174
The waiters are really accommodating. They ensured I never got out of my chair when I sat in with my plate by lavishing me with all his recommends.
Choosing H20 over Shangri-la or Bora was to me, a better option as part of the company outing (we had a choice of where to go and who to go with). Not only we were able to relax, but we were able to experience the park for a good two days. While there is almost nothing for me to complain at the hotel itself since it got everything for a sedentary person like me within reach, there are a few things which is something to be concerned of.
For instance, water in H20 is extremely expensive especially if you wanted to opt for room service. For a hotel named H20, it’s totally not right. I can’t remember the price now (since we’ve been here like months ago) but it was just too much steep for a bottle of water. Next time we’d be bringing water for sure. Another issue that was totally disturbing was the intermittent aircon service. I only realized this as a prevailing issue when those who also went for H20 were having problems as well and raised this via a blast email; although not as tolerable as ours. And again, the shower. I would never dare to check in with my friends there not ever.
Over all, I would recommend this hotel for families to bond at the most convenient place ever. It has a pool, it’s own park kids will enjoy and accessible to practically anything. Not a bad idea to come back soon for another 2 days and 1 night.
I’ve included all the albums I’ve uploaded below but not the rest of the pics/videos like the Water and Lights show or the animal show.
Albums: Jellies, Seriland MIrror Maze, Seriland Trick Art, Other Hotel pics, Ocean Park*

*Not the pictures from this trip but from another visit.
**From my sister’s camera

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