Concert: To Be With Mr. Big (05.10.11)

It's been weeks since the big day but I can still feel the good ringing in my ears of the twang of guitars and a screaming crowd. I've been meaning to write a blog about this since the day I came home tired and sleepy but was too exhausted (and busy) to do so. So now I'm exerting some huge effort to recall all the things I've experienced for more than 2 hours of a really wonderful evening. I know I won't be making anyone any favors by writing something too late but it's an experience worthy to be immortalized.

Unlike from the last concert, today we had plenty of time in our hands to wait for an overly packed MRT and a slow (unfortunately salty) dinner for two. Also, we weren’t that worried that time because Mr. Big have two front acts, Lip Service and General Luna. And when we came, well, first band was already playing. Call me rude but I really can do away with no front acts—although it will save the flamer who would hate me to know that I’m not updated with any local acts. Anyways, I’ve no idea how many in total both front acts did (I only half heartedly videoed a single piece each from the bands, just for the sake of keeping) but  my date was right when he said guys would enjoy General Luna, if not for the music then for, well, the fact they’re all females.

It wasn’t even 9 and they were all done. Then the dome was dimmed. Call it hyping but really, the roadies are actually setting the stage in the dark! You can’t even videotape that thing. Everyone was screaming for a sight of a guy or two and I’ve got nowhere to point my lowly digicam since everything is barely seen. At 9:04 I raised my hands for the third time with my camera on in case this time they’re actually on stage. Blindly, I pointed it on the stage and thank heavens I didn’t dare moved away because in 38 seconds since I videoed, they’re suddenly on stage, with their first song, Daddy, Brother, Lover Little Boy, and as expected the crowd went in fanatical craziness!

The Unveiling
One does not need reminding that the band is really old. I have an officemate who was somewhat bothered that I have any interest in Mr. Big since it wasn’t in my time period. To be honest I don’t know all of their songs but enjoy them just the same, most often with songs I can really sing with. Like (probably) 3rd song, Green Tinted Sixties Mind—you can literally hear my amateur voice on the video I took singing along, so don’t ask why I don’t upload videos. (Imagine the horror) And to add to that liking, you have no idea how happy I was when I learnt they were playing in our country, with the knowledge that Paul Gilbert will be there-- whose biggest fan just so happens to be on my right, making the Patron seats totally worth it. You can say he was in heaven that time, and so does the rest of the audience. There was even one guy who yelled ‘Paul Gilbert anakan mo ako!!!’ (Paul Gilbert have a baby with me!) which resulted to my manly voice being captured as well, laughing together with those who have heard.

What's left of his voice...
Majority of the audience was probably around the age of late 20s to 30s (I’m on the early 20s just so you forget). Granted, it wasn’t a full house, there are just too many empty seats, BUT, if it’s any consolation, the higher the ticket got, the more who availed. Patron area was really full in contrast to GA.
Up close the ones on the back are like broken teeth.
I’ve not been into many concerts, this is by far, only the second time I have paid, the rest were just free by default courtesy of malls so to me the counter is just two. My point here is that it’s amusing to hear Eric say in the 2nd or 3rd song that we stop with our cameras and just enjoy their show which a lot of people did. I refused this since I wanted to video every moment but 2++ hours with no breaks? I’m too embarrassed to say that my only task being is raising my hand to video I gave up after a few songs while the band were playing in full vigor nonstop as if they were younger than I am. I took some breaks (also to conserve battery) so I wasn’t able to video everything but fortunately I videoed EVERYTHING I want to keep (although Alive and Kickin is abruptly cut at the end part)
And then… Just Take My Heart was played. I haven’t said this part yet I’m sure, but a greater part of those who came were couples (those in my perimeter anyway). Again, and I’m mentioning them again, where in the Script, most of those who came are girls with guys, this time it’s the other way around. Near us you could see the guys tearing up with the sight of the band while most girls they’re with have blank faces. There was even one who was sitting at the entirety of the concert while the rest were standing, including his boyfriend who was in full concentration with every piece. I’ve been viewing my video and you could say almost everyone was all cuddly at the song. (blush) And I’m so going to buy that tripod thingy like he has so I don’t need to stand on the seat when I wanted something to be videoed that bad.
He's what most of the audiences came for
I’ve repeatedly said how I feel like I have bad ears. I’ve proven this time and again, the latest when I voiced my observation that “Dancing Queen” and “Dance with me” sounded alike. I wasn’t able to convince my officemate who’ve been playing for ages. Dang it. And because of that I know I won’t get that much out of the skill they’re showing. My meter goes to the people who surrounded me who you can feel is exceptionally thrilled. Paul have a lot of solos almost with every song I think, but both he and Sheehan had their own solos. Sheehan’s was around 1 min, not sure if I was late, but I’m much sure I missed a few minutes of recording with Paul. I only recorded 4 minutes. If jaw dropping has any sound, you could probably hear it resounding at the dome.
He's not Mr. Big for nothing
What’s not to be missed are Eric’s Bieber jokes. Yes he did. But they were tame, maybe just to add comic relief, like when he said (not exact wordings) ‘Have you heard of that Bieber booth? The kids are all there and the parents are here’ (much better if you heard it since it was funnier), acknowledging the fact that they are playing on the same date with a kid who have hauled more audiences which is, I’m repeating an officemate who went (he says it’s because of the girlfriend) who was able to do so since the parents can’t possibly leave their child alone.
They did play Wild Wild World but with a disclaimer when they wondered how that song was particularly popular in Manila. You could say it was some lip service they did, only because they were here. They also did To Be With You but to be honest, both songs, in my opinion sounded like they played half heartedly. Wild Wild World have an amazing PG solo but there never was here live, and To Be With You that although the cute solo was there (oh please don’t get me started with the local acts who tried to copy), it was just as fast, even Eric wasn’t singing that much. They followed it with ‘a much specialer song’ (Eric said) which he claimed they haven’t played for ages which to me is way more intimate in how they played it.
The Bow
Can’t remember how many songs they’ve done in total but there were two encores, have solos, there was a guitar duel between Sheehan and Paul which left me in awe so much so I forgot I wasn’t recording. They’ve totally exhausted all the energy I reserved for the day in just 2++ hours but it was truly awesome. Imagine how it was for guitar lovers who went. On the last encore they did something unusual (for me it is) which was, for a commoner like me deserved a huge applause, where they traded positions and instruments. Even Pat sang. It wasn’t their song they did but really, it’s something that have plastered our faces with smiles on the way out. Eric promised it won’t be long till they come back (well, it’s not surprising since every one of them singers love Manila especially when they’re old J) and we would undoubtedly come back for more. They’re out of the loop somewhat but you cannot deny how talented that lot was and still is. I don’t even care if the people who would be going are lesser than they were now because I know it’s impossible to go home without being impressed and see your money’s worth. Both of us haven’t heard what we expected that night (Shine for him, Nothing but love for me) so obviously there is more room for that on the next concert whenever that maybe. But whenever that would happen, I’d make sure we’d get seats waaaaay closer than we did last time. And we’d be totally going home with a guitar pick.