Urban Adventures: The Great American Circus (12.22.10)

I am no newbie to the SMX area so I wondered a circus can fit in the convention halls. I was thinking of a huge open court where all the trampolines and trapeze lines could all fit in but when we came there no tent was in sight. Even when I asked the guard she just instructed us to go downstairs. They are dead serious that Halls 1 and 2 are enough! So I held my breath as we we walked in. How in hell would they be having a circus in a convention hall...?

(Cricket chirping) You won't see a photo of the entire place because I forgot to snap some shots with the lights on but I will describe it to you the best way I can. On the left side is the circus ring where covered monobloc chairs formed a half moon for the audience. No special theater-like seating like in those carnies, just simple chairs. Well there is a bit of elevation but it's just about a ruler high I estimate. On the right side you have some food stands, a Private Iris booth, a souvenir shop, a stage for photo ops and a few arcade machines. Just seeing the PI booth with mascots gave the cue that this would be a kid friendly show.

Lights out (exactly 4pm mind you) they started with dancing. What happened next were more dancing, with props such as boleadoras, hoops, suspended fabric and other aerial props, an MJ impersonation, different sets of balancing acts and slapstick comedy. Yes guys. At this age it still exists.

Everything so blurry... there's nothing left that's real...

Interesting moments I find amazing were just a few, and most often it involved "danger". Like that act of the crossbow masters where husband and wife perform arrow shooting. The balancing act of cylinders and chairs and anything that can look dangerous stepping on when on top of another is also interesting. The very last act was the the wheel of death which almost scarred us for life because both performers almost fell off of the wheel; most especially the huge guy who attempted to jump rope. The trauma it might have caused if they fell off for real might have left us in trauma and phobia of any circus ever.

The trauma I tell you!

 Balancing Act Fig.1 

Balancing Act Fig. 2 You can't see it here but that was wobbly

I came in with little knowledge on what a circus would be like but it won't take a genius to figure out that from what we have seen, the ticket was utterly overpriced. As i've said if it weren't for the acts having dangerous moments, there really is nothing to spend time to this event no matter how all the posters in all SMs tell you so. There is also no reason for anyone to get a high priced ticket because even if you bought the cheapest one, you can still see every bit of what we see on our side. Movie house even fared better (remember the days when Deluxe and Premiere charge different tickets). Renting the Hall 2 was also another unnecessary feature because they haven't utilized the entire space rented that even if all the seats were taken in Hall 1, there is still room for Hall 2 in twice the number; only that it was left out as a huge void. Whether they decided it to be some food area, I don't see any tables nor did they prohibit anyone bring food in the viewing area, making the place, I don't know, useless?

What was this again?? More dancing?

I should also tell you how numerous times the somersault act (where at the end of the seesaw a guy would be thrown off to a high chair) were a failure thrice. The guy fell off of the chair inspite of being caught, only to succeed at the fourth attempt. I could say that the performer was in tears when he finally perfected the act.

Ooppss... not it. But same group.

What didn't get to impress me more was the MJ impersonation. He was singing and dancing ala Michael but seriously, the guy is probably too old for the act he can't reach the tones anymore and at most he was just catching his breath. He (together with the clowns) get to have photo ops too. Dunno if anyone dared.

And you know what's worse than that intermission number? The fire act of the arcade boy (yeap he have earned this moniker from us after seeing him playing in the arcade in the 15 minute break) who might as well give it up. Local acts are even better than that.

You ain't seen nothing yet. Nope you haven't. I didn't get to see the fire ball here

And of course, the slapstick. Two clowns spitting at each other's faces with water and other old antics. I tried to laugh but nothing came out of me. So much for the funniest duo in the world. At this point I was hoping for a miracle.

If Splendide was any better, I won't know but I am pretty sure that I won't be back in case they visit the country again. Or if I ever would, I hope they'd be more reasonable in pricing. For all I know I don't see what was 'Great' on it.