Urban Adventures: MIBF 2010 (09.18.10)

MIBF Entrance at SMX

MIBF or Manila International Book Fair hasn't eluded my eyes again (or so you think since I haven't posted anything after the event). Inspite of being disappointed twice over last year after enticing an officemate to come with and not even coming close to her expectations, I still went here in positive to find gems.

To give you reader to know how I do this book buying decision, I am that type who randomly buy books from fairs but I do have this criteria:

1. It must not be too expensive (since it's a fair after all).
2. It must still be intact, no dog ears, no book ridges.
3. The teaser must be exciting, I must have heard it elsewhere or the author is someone I know or have heard.
4. Decisions would only be made after making sure that I haven't seen it elsewhere.

That's REX Bookstore

So I made my rounds first, scouting every single store as I normally do on trade fairs. Again, not all picky with the authors. In the end here's what I've got:

1. Sudoku Fever - pages and pages of Sudoku. Haven't played it in a while. I might use the brain teaser.
2. XML Developers guide- I will eventually study this when I have the time.
3. From a Buick 8/Stephen King - probably priced 100php in hard bound.
4. A Woman with two Navels/Nick Joaquin - this goes to the Filipino pile.
5. Catch me a Firefly/ - got this on a discount, way cheaper for it's current price at any bookstore.
6. Change we Can Believe In/Barack Obama - around 50php I think.
I was skeptical about this but just thought how cheap they're selling a book in good-condition. Not sure about the contents but at least I haven't spent that much.
7.Scent of Apples/Bienvenido N. Santos - I remembered him from my Filipino Lit. class
8. Personal Finance Book 8/Robert - the cheapest hard bound book I ever saw in Personal Finance, not even priced at 100php. I leafed on it and find it informative.

When I was done I found myself hauling so much books I have ever carried my entire life. Just those three (1, 2, 3, 8) weigh so much being thick and all I even bought that colorful SM Bag because I was afraid my ever so reliable Doulos loot bag's straps would give in. I think I almost broke my back.

So much did all of these cost? Around 800php, and that includes my entrance fee of 20php. Not bad this year don't you think?

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