Experience Jatujak (10.03.10)

One of my goals as a food junkie is to experience all the restaurants I can ever put my hands (or mouth) on in the area I am closest. Now I'm working near the Megamall area so my goal is to have atleast experience dining on each and every restaurant there is in the mall. Nearest to us is Mall A so let's start with that.

One of the probably least looked at food chains are at the area where Toy Kingdom is facing. Currently Toy Kingdom in front of food court does not technically exist yet since it is under construction as of this writing so in case in the future you are reading this, Jatujak (Thai restaurant) can be found on the leftmost part of the Ground floor.

It's just a small space that has a few tables on the actual store, way much smaller than Mexicali in that area. It also has this distinctive violet color you'd seldom see on a food shop and their waiters donning the same colors.

I sat down on one of the chairs nearest the glass wall and pondered over my menu. Most of the food there I have no idea what was but I instinctively ordered Seafood Pad Thai which was priced around 200php. They served it in a huge plate and a serving spoon, meaning to say it was made for sharing.

Initial spoonfuls are honestly heavenly.  I have always enjoyed the infusion of nuts in all sorts of dishes and this one just came in tie with Kare-Kare. It's sweet, nutty and savory. But like what happens to me when I eat something too good to be true (Shrimps for instance) I eventually forced myself to finish the entire plate just so I won't have to do a take-out (why didn't I thought of that?!!) for a reason I am not sure now. All I know is that too much of a good thing only spoils my appetite. I never ate anything the entire day.

I also ordered this Lemon Iced Tea. I forgot how much this cost exactly but the glass is taller than what most restaurants offer at the same price. I didn't like it as much as the dish I ordered and to give you a better description, it's like drinking a lemon-flavored candy, your pick Max or Strepsils diluted in water. That's how it was for me. I will never order this again.

So in a spoonful:
Billout cost was around 300. A tad bit expensive for a lunch.
Shop decor was fairly cute and original, and violet is somewhat new.
Serving time is moderate.
Service rapport is a thumbs up.
FYI, they also have a branch at MoA.

Note: We are revamping our old food review. Now, we get to write the whole food experience yey! I just figured how it is much more difficult for me to keep it up like that before. This would also lower my update flooding that is embarassing when I get the write surge which happens very often because it takes weeks before I get to actually post all the piles I write; So let's just put it into one post per restaurant visit from here on forth! Expect old ones left unposted in the future!