What I'm Up To Lately

Involves a lot of dreaming. I miss out on a lot of posts obviously, like me and my sister's first time experience at Mi Ga Korean restaurant, or that Major major thingy two weeks ago or even the last movie I saw that doesn't make a lot of sense. And why am I like this?

For the first time last last week I've prepared myself a ledger only I can understand. I can't remember how we do it back in Accounting but nevertheless it had the same purpose. I do not intend anybody to see it anyway. I even had a password for that file. And when I've tallied every expense and income I've ever generated since the last week of June (till last week of August), I'm dumbfounded. I never thought in not more than 2 months I have this amount of cash and I have no idea where it all went. I know I bought a ref for 16k, two car tires for 5k, I've also loaned my cousin 5k for her son's hospitalization, and another 4k donation for her father's accident (plus 1k for my father's fare fetching my uncle from the province) but where is the rest?? I can't possibly have spent this much in 11 weeks!!

And I haven't even bought anything for me! I wanted to buy that special edition compilation of Calvin and Hobbes in hardbound but last time I saw my shelf it wasn't there so I must not have bought it. Nor did I ever bought the Lost Special Edition (in Blu-Ray of course) because I'm too scared to purchase something abroad. I did bought pants, about 3 of them but that's just what, less than 1500! The last I got was from Bench, they had one on sale and I got it for 499. And then I bought shoes. For the entirety of my career, I haven't indulged myself in any shoe. I bought one early this year, sneakers even and that's after 3 years working. And then I bought wedge this last Mega Shoes sale, Keds for 999. I did to make my sister shut up because she's saying because of lack of height, I must stop wearing sneakers and start wearing girly ones. I didn't give in to that much but she have a point. My pants are always reaching the ground.

So why? Where did my hard-earned...what the hell? I spent... I spent whoa. You would not believe how much i spent on food. I'm so ashamed at how much I treated people with food. Not the act but the (gulp) prices themselves. Oh dear. I won't even publish how much is the grand total. With emphasis on grand. So I decided to act quickly before it's too late. By too late I mean, what-if-they-won't-renew-my-contract late. I haven't even reached half of my emergency fund as of the writing of this blog!

And now, a soon-to-be-investor in me is born. Lynch says to do my homework first before I ever spent anything on any stock yet. For now I am most certain to go to EDC just because I believe that anything related with production of electricity has no way of ever going down. That is what my gut tells me. But you can't necessarily blame your gut if it ever goes wrong. So I still have to review those balance sheets even if I have no idea what those numbers mean. Too big of a challenge I say. But hey, Ed says it's not rocket science. Maybe sooner or later, I can do that.