Lead, Don't Manage Your People

Somebody give our President a free ticket please.

Lead, Don't Manage Your People
15 Principles for Leading Your Peope Effectively by Jim Black

Powerbooks Hosts Jim Black Book Talk
Are your employees waiting for the next opportunity to jump ship? Is your organization in turmoil due to low morale?

Hear the answers to all these burning questions as Powerbooks Specialty Store hosts experienced leader Jim Black to Manila for a management talk and book signing session on October 2, 4PM at Powerbooks Greenbelt.

Author of Lead, Don't Manage Your People: 15 Principles for Leading Your People Effectively, Black gives a refreshing look at 15 fundamental leadership principles that every leader should master. Providing expert advice and tips for ineffective leadership and poorly trained heads, Lead, Don't Manage Your People is the ultimate guide to leading the top performers in your company, challenging the other employees, and creating a workplace where everyone feels challenged, valued, and recognized.

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