Little Tokyo Series: Urameshiya - Where Vegans will Faint (07.24.10)

There are four yakiniku sets but we were referred to having this second one, Yakiniku Tarafuku Set which is good for two (or maybe three if one of you doesn't eat much). The set includes 5 plates of meat cuts, a plate of greens, a bowl of soup and another bowl of kimchi plus one bowl of rice.

Yes just one bowl of rice, so we ordered another one which at the end of the meal is certainly the MOST EXPENSIVE RICE EVER. It is priced 115 and that bowl on the photo is the exact serving as it is. Maybe we should have gotten the hint of the waitress that 'we can do interorder' at the start of the meal. Iced teas aren't also part of the deal so we ordered two glasses which is around 60.

Ambiance is awfully good, most especially attributed by our early arrival on the place that we get to seat on one of those cute cubicles with standard sizes big enough for groups of people. I even get to remark that this is a wonderful place for gatherings or for a special occassion perhaps. The waitresses are also really friendly, polite and helpful. They do the mixing for you of that dip you see right there and are always on alert when you need your grill changed or iced. They aren't also that type of waitresses who refers to you food you won't ever eat but instead, suggests to order later on when we feel like it. Come to think of it, I forgot to thank her for stopping me in ordering that potato salad because whatever they gave us in the end it made me so full I wanted to sleep right then and there!

We didn't know why but at the end of the meal they gave us 4 slips of free beer we can order in our next visit. Maybe because our total bill was 1850, or just some promo they have for the night. I checked it for expiration dates but had none so maybe I can finally get to use a freebie next time we visit. Wow I can't wait!