Obviously Written How To Land your First Job [Part 4] (05.19.10)

Mistake is what made me realize what I really want. In this field of
work where I am now, I realize I am not exactly a people person. And
it took me an experience in the CC field for me to learn that and how
I usually complained alongside my SA on how our users are. They are
whiny, they're always the boss and they get what they want no matter
how ridiculous, how tall the order is and how weird their requests
are. They can even ask you for your soul and you have no right to say

Lesson 3 Decisions you should avoid

Don't settle down 'just because'. Make sure that when you pursue a
job, you are serious about it. It's not like college where you can
drop a subject because you wanted to avoid your instructor who is a
cult member or has a thing for you. Think long-term. Are you really
sure that you wanted to be a Mini-Stop crew for the rest of your life?
Of course it is not wrong and it is an honorable job, but how can you
earn the right experience for the right job if you don't start finding

When Intel was still here in the Philippines, my mom who works there
told me once that a lot of their janitors are graduates of
Engineering, Computer Science and Nursing. Again, nothing wrong with
being a janitor. But are you sure you want to hold a mop till you grow
old? Remember, some jobs have age limits--and the Philippines is
extremely partial to those who are younger. And the more experience
related to your target job the better you can reach it.

Another decision you shouldn't even be making is going with EVERYTHING
your mom tells you to do. Come on. Take her side merely as an advice
and everyone else's but be sure that YOU alone made the decision and
it's your doing that it happened. You can't exactly point your fingers
to anyone when after experiencing a bad month or two in that dreaded
factory your mom told you to go to because her friend is an HR there.
Newsflash! You're the one who signed that contract not your mom!

I am not at all saying that you are not allowed to make mistakes nor
take the chance to be in a job you don't like to be found dead in the
first place. Of course you can start small. But don't forget that no
one gives you a curriculum to follow now. Everything after college is
up to you and you only. Your family and friends can only give you an
advice and not more than that. I have always tried to consult my
parents in regards to work even (as of this writing) I'm already 23.
It's not because I am still a kid who can't arrive to a decision on my
own. Think of them as your personal advisors. They worked before you
right? So it's safe to think they know more than you do.

Next lesson will cover the types of Jobs you will encounter.

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