Obviously Written How To Land your First Job [Part 3] (05.17.10)

Lesson 2. The Most Obvious Question You Should Have Asked For in The First Place

This lesson is just a ruse for me to bash the hell out of you on why
you are reading this. First of all this question is what you should be
asking yourself even before you started college. And when you do get
up to that stage you should clearly have an idea what you are most
likely to end up with. Sure you can go for jobs where you think best
fits you but there is no comparison to what you were trained 4 years
for. Okay, so I won't be ranting here all lesson. Let's just go
through with what I have experienced. You might learn something.

I officially graduated from college, December 2006. At that time I was
in the same position to those who are done with schooling but not a
single idea where to go. My initial reaction was to look for anything
about being an IT personnel. It was my dream job back then. I didn't
care about the money, but I do care that I know something about pcs,
most thanks goes to the experience I garnered in my OJT at the I.S.
Department of PAL. But if I have ever consulted a seer back then and
told me I'm going to end up becoming an Oracle Developer (haha pun!) I
would have laughed my tear ducts off.

Remember that first entry when I said that being a Developer was my
first 'real' job? It was because I was already hired prior, as a TSR
in Convergys. I think it was January 2007. Yes, I did tried out to be
in a Call Center but I never got into calls. I flunked my Berlitz exam
and they were compelled to have me transferred to another account that
didn't need one. But before I got off there I immediately asked for my
COE (for the sake of the rest, it's Certificate of Employment) in case
I am going to leave. Basically, since I was benched to be transferred,
I think it was okay if I get to look for other jobs as well. And I
did. About a day or two later I found one.

But there I only lasted for two days--first was the whole day of exam
and interview; and another day for orientation. It is a good thing I
still haven't signed my contract. The day after that, I never came
back. I recall the morning of that day where I told my mom "I don't
want to be in a call center anymore..."

Now before you react, I am to tell you this: "I am not against call
centers". It's my choice to be out of it not because I failed at it
the first time. I did have my chance in that other CC company I
already told you and Convergys did call me a week or two later so that
I'd be transferred to another account.

I had that chance to go back but didn't. But it doesn't mean I held a
grudge on them. It just so happens that that same day above in my
refusal to work in a CC I had realizations. And I am not joking. It
made me decide what I wanted to do realistically longterm. So will you
if you are really willing. Same goes as why you should see the gravity
of choosing what you really want first hand.

But how? Let's try to break it down on the succeeding entries.