Obviously Written How To Land your First Job [Part 2] (05.16.10)

From the last post I left off saying I'd be giving you a list of why
you needed to find work as early as you can after college. I know this
may sound ridiculous but I promise you aren't going to regret being
the early bird.

Lesson 1. Make the Most Out of Your Freshness. (Part 2)

Reasons to Convince You To Start Job Hunting Early

1. If you are like 70% of the year's produce (a.k.a. college
graduates) you are most likely hitting Jobstreet, JobsDB, [insert your
job link here] or the mayor/mall sponsored Job Fair. You see both of
these forms of looking for a job usually have feedbacks longer than
anticipated. Most often it will take months before you ever get to the
first step or for them to contact you so better start early.

Now where's the 10% you ask? That's partitioned to back to school
graduates who don't really need to look for a new job because they
already have one, the rich kids who are already sent to their parent's
businesses (so no need to read here shoo) and there are those spoiled
kids who waits till the heavens rain for money and the rest who are
off to Bora. (Note: Percentage numbers are fictional and assumed.)

2. The 13th Month Pay if you are still unaware is mandatory extra
shopping money, apart from the (not obligatory so don't expect from
all companies to give this) Christmas bonus you receive from the
company usually at the last month of the year. This amounts to
whatever you get for a whole month tax free. However if you are the
lucky few who get 30k initially or higher, the sleazy government
(oopps sorry) wouldn't let you get away with that much money and will
surely tax you so don't go complaining to your moms just yet. You
should also be aware that some companies can give as much as 22nd
month pay, so imagine how much that would be even if you are getting
20k. Now why is this included in the list? Well, if you aren't aware
of it yet, you are not entitled to get a full 13th month pay if you
started late in the year. The only time that you are sure to get a
full pay like that is if you started at January. In other words, if
you signed up around June, you'll only get half.

3. One of the reasons why it's a bit hard to go from bum to not is
that there are employers who are finicky with applications that have
this long unemployment period. Their faces would look like pulled from
all sides when they see this and this is also (I believe) true amongst
those who already have job experience. The explanation for this is
that it is already an indicator that you are lazy and it took you that
long to ever finally get off the couch unless the reason is absolutely
serious. I can't think of a witty response to that since I never
experienced* it and you can't certainly say "you've participated with
all the sports leagues ever in your baranggay then had a vacay in the
wonderful island of CamSur plus 150 hours of marathon reruns of series
after that"—which unless the series is Dexter or Lost it is clearly

4. Save for a kid born with a golden spoon in the mouth, if you still
have a little dignity within you, you really ought to work. You can't
expect your parents to still feed you let alone give you a cellphone
load nor pay for your weekend gimik your entire life! Give them a
reason to finally enjoy a retirement you lazy bastard. Pull your own
weight please and make sure you don't forget to pay back to them even
with the littlest of things, like sharing with house bills and add to
the grocery budget. After all, if your parents are just slothful
human beings you are never going to graduate anyway.

5. Being unemployed is really unsexy. Your friends might not ask you
to hang out with them for fears that you wanted to simply piggyback
your way to the movie house and you can't exactly have your girlfriend
eat street food the entire time because you can't even now afford
Jollibee. You aren't only looking cheap in front of her but you are
also killing her with all the cholesterol.

6. Going around job hunting with a million other applicants may appear
daunting but don't be afraid of competition. The thing is, it is most
probable that the rest of them are as naive as you and the levels are
all even. What you need is to stand out which I'm going to give some
tips on the succeeding blogs.

If those reasons above don't cut for it, just imagine the mockery of
friends when after a year you are still unemployed. Of course they
won't let you see them talking about you but they are doing that
believe me. It's even depressing when you suddenly get your high
school girlfriend pregnant and you have nothing decent to feed them.
And even if you don't have any obligations in the first place, ask
yourself this question: "Do I really want to be that 30-year old loser
who is still living in my parent's house?"

Next lesson would be all about how to choose your job.

*Before my actual graduation rites, me and a friend of mine had
already signed a contract a week before. That Monday was our
graduation ceremony and the day after was our first day of training
for work.

Image from: http://jobhunting.aa-careers.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/02/FaceCubes.iStock_000010341026XSmall.jpg


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