Ate Lani? Whatever. (4.28.10)

For the sake of readers who hasn't experienced seeing Bacoor in all
it's glory let me describe it to you.

It is one of those places that when you have a choice you'd never like
to live in. For starters there is the never-ending problem of flood.
It's murky and dark and heaven knows what it is made up of. Basically
yucky. Why? Because of those trash piling in creeks. Damn it. You can
see it out of the window of whatever transportation you choose. There
was even a time that when it poured a little rain and you can see how
those little creeks overflow with that yucky water and garbage.

And then there's the road. I have already mentioned this mythical road
of Revilla on a photo blog before right? The one where he is so proud
of. There is no such thing as a fixed road as he claims. Try commuting
to and fro and you'd agree with me 100%.

Okay so this is just what I see since I haven't seen the entire Bacoor
PROVINCE much. All of which I said that is what any other person would
see traversing Bacoor via Aguinaldo Hi-way. It's pathetic.

See my caps about Bacoor being a PROVINCE? Shame on the Revillas who
have Bacoor like since the beginning of time. Dasma is already a city
and was pursued by Barzaga and the only thing you can do is
congratulate the guy since there is nothing for you to be proud of
your still Province of a supposedly city. And now 'Ate' Lani you are
running for congress? For what?!

Try looking if you will so you can see the difference. The whole place
is plastered with all of your banners and stuff and guess where that
would end after elections? Slogan reads our voice in congress. What
voice? What can you contribute anyway? You can't even handle your kids
for Pete's sake!