You mean I haven't changed a bit?!! (3.12.10)

I bought sneakers last Wednesday and wore it the next day. On that particular morning, youngest sister remarked that I haven't bought new shoes at all because it really looks like the one I used to have when I was in college.

That up there is a comparison of the old and new shoes. The one on the left is from World Balance (go on I'm stingy) and the other was from Reebok. Never mind how that old one looks freakingly dirty guys. I haven't worn it ever since I got out of college and that was years ago. Also you do not need to mention why the hell they really looked alike and from different brands because I'm still wondering why.

Looking at those two shoes I do some psychology on myself. I don't know how to but let me know what you think. First of what I remembered was how my sister, the middle kid, told me before when she was convincing me to have new contacts, this time those that changes someone's eye color. I refused saying my contacts are fine as they are, colorless yet does the work of making me have a clear vision the entire day. She snapped at me saying that I don't accept changes in my life and I should get out of my box a bit. I didn't answer back at that comment of hers but it got me thinking on a few things.

When you look at me and my sisters and you don't know who is the oldest, I assure you that there is a much bigger chance that either the youngest or the middle would be mistaken for as the oldest, or 'Ate' other than me. The youngest is bitter saying that this is due of height. It does add to the confusion I think but when I look at the one younger to me for mere 2 years it's most probably because she looks more like a woman than me. She wears heels, makeup and clothes I can't even get away having on without a comment of why the hell I'm wearing one. Remember that blog I wrote before when everyone is fussy about my cleavage showing and approved when I looked like a doll the next day?

Looking at my wardrobe I think I don't have too many womanly stuff only because I reserve that for special occasions, and two, I don't feel comfortable in makeup and heels. Sister might have noticed and thought of me not good at changes; I don't because I don't want to be all pasosyal. I mean, unlike her, I never worn heels in groceries. To do so would be madness.

On one episode of House, he was interviewing applicants to be on his team. There is this applicant who was as fierce and cynic as House and everyone, even the viewer would think he would surely hire her because she can take his attitude. But he didn't. Obviously this made the female applicant curious and demanded why. House said:

*"The eyes can mislead, the smile can lie, but the shoes always tell the truth."

I wasn't able to find it online but from what I can recall he was explaining that he has a problem with her high green (I think) pumps for someone applying for a job that requires walking and standing all day. With that comment he was wise saying that. I didn't even need to live by with what he said because I was already with him even before I knew he'd react like that. I just can't bear an entire day of excruciating pain. And you think men has problems.

So now that I'm looking at these two shoes, it makes me wonder, have I not changed at all? If House sees me prefer flats (inspite of emphasizing my minute height) and sneakers what must he think of me then? Someone who hasn't changed? Or someone much more afraid of arthritis?




  1. The term Arthritis has its origins in the Greek words arthron (joint) and itis (inflammation). It includes a group of joint conditions that affects muscles and joints often resulting in chronic pain, inflammation, swelling as well as extremely limited joint movements. Arthritis is a complex disorder that comprises many distinct joint conditions and can affect people at any stage of life. Some of the most common forms are Osteoarthritis, Rheumatoid arthritis, Juvenile arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Oesteoporosis and Back pain.

  2. i'm hoping it's none of those :a: