Open Letter to anyone guilty (Warning! Too much ranting!) (2.25.10)

Dear (Despicable) You,

You know what? I hate you. Well, not exactly you. I hate what you just did. You are pathetic. Smiling with that 5 inch thick makeup of yours and that curly hair. How dare you laugh. Have you forgotten that a minute ago you overtly thrown that frappe of yours on the pavement?

And you, yes you seatmate. Don't you have a pocket? Or why not in that backpack of yours? Why can't you put that bus ticket of yours there and not on the slits of the seat or windows? What, too heavy for you? Look at you. That huge bulk of yours and can't even keep a piece of paper on your pocket.

Oh stop. Whining why is there a line here in the Ayala footbridge. So you think it's much more civilized we all huddle there and see who gets first? I pity you and your friends. You and your bright ideas. If all of you can't understand something as elementary as that why don't you just all repeat school?! Or even just ask your mom for Pete's sake.

No you don't. If only I can shove you further. Cut in my line would you? Look at you. Are you blind?! Get new glasses you office girl. Don't forget to go to a GMRC class while you're at it because certainly you don't have one. In a hurry? Well guess what b*tch, everyone is. You are not the only one who commutes home! You are not the only tired person here and there is no reason for you to cut in ahead the rest of us.

I hate all of what you are accustomed of doing, uncivilized undisciplined members of society. The reason why we are not going anywhere is because of you selfish brats who doesn't understand the concept of discpline and sharing of public resources. Why do you even find yourself complaining on everything when you don't even know how to start something?!

You complain because the bus stinks. Well of course it will after you throwing that horrible peel of oranges you just ate. You complain of a dirty street. How could you when we all know that when you pay that toll fee, instead of keeping the reciept you just let if fly to who knows where.

Just because you enjoy a little bit of luxury it doesn't mean that you have to be apathetic on what is going on around you! You bought that cup of coffee now wait till you find somewhere appropriate to throw it d*mn it. You are responsible for wherever you take that moron. Why, I dare you do that in Singapore. Or just even on a 5 star hotel. It doesn't mean that we have public cleaners and you pay taxes you have every right to do those stupid things. And now you wonder why we are all like this. You should congratulate yourself buddy. I'm glad I'm not you.


Someone so unlike you.


"If you can't be a part of the solution, just at least stop adding to the burden"

--This I said to my father when he was guilty of that toll fee thing. He, whenever I'm with him doesnt't do it again. I guess he learned. And whatever rant that is above there was because of yesterday. I was just so pissed with all of those examples I swear I wished to blog right then and there.



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