Up (12.22.09)

Genre: Animation
[Uhm. Spoiler alert?]

What I think in this movie is summed up by this statement: 'If you haven't seen it, watch it'. I remember quite well that Up was a blockbuster alongside huge movies and I can clearly see why. It has everything, and I mean everything that makes everyone of us would appreciate. The characters are adorable, and the scenes invoke feelings without trying too much, I even cried when Ellie died! Outrageous are some ideas (well, obviously the one with the balloon thing is one) but it's so forgiveable you won't think any less of Up as a whole. And for me it is devoid of something that is annoying. At some films I get so pissed off with the kids either being a brat or just plain foolish whilst, here, even Russell is a character to be loved (But it's a talking dog!!!). Aww. All I need to do now is to add it to my list of favorites. And I would love to see it again.



  1. even if he was the model i doubt he has the same cute voice behind the russell in the story. i believe the one who voiced russell was a slim asian child.

  2. it doesn't matter, Up rules! yeah! cried same part you said you did cry too...

  3. yes! it's definitely touching...