Really? A Cheating Gene?! (12.25.09)

Alone at our house, I get to have the place on my own. And while I was convincing myself to write that Avatar review I went on to play Sims 3 and had the tv on to Tyra. There was nothing good so I just had it on that channel without any intention of watching it. I just need some bit of noise.

They were discussing 'cheating'. Cheating not on exams of course. That one where your partner is not satisfied with just you. Yes that cheating. Oh the dreaded word. Never in my whole life would I ever thought I'd experience it but that's a different story.

I wasn't exactly concentrating on listening and but I knew that it's the same old format where they get to discuss and interview people with first hand experience and bla bla bla. And then Tyra asked the audience if they've ever experienced their cheating partner to blame what they do on their 'Cheating Genes'. I haven't researched on it but I'm hoping what Tyra's reading on her cue cards have been researched by her writers. And yes. Scientists ARE actually researching on it.

But here is my reaction on what I've heard. She said that so far it has been found on animals. She hasn't said which specifically but my pessimist head is saying that it must have been tested on animals that are truly polygamists by nature like walruses who have hordes of females. But how about the likes of those flamingoes who are coupled for life? And here, I agree with her to this, that since those are 'animals' do you really HAVE to believe and ACTUALLY use the cheating gene as an alibi? Pathetic.

There are two things I believe we have that animals don't. A soul and an ability to choose. Animals can go on with their lives just lying there in the sun. We, however, have that need to move, to discover, to even force ourselves in having a talent no matter how senseless and useless it may be. No one has seen a lion suddenly painting the sunset nor a monkey applying for college have we? Yes we have seen elephants playing with brushes but come on. who are we kidding? It doesn't mean that their trunks can hold on to a brush and move a stroke means they can paint! Even I can do that and no one would care! Why do we always have to compare ourselves to them ANYWAY?!

First it was the homosexual thing. Years before you and I have walked on to this earth and so does our parent's parents, being a homosexual is a taboo. Today we speculate that what we considered great people of arts and whatever were closet gays. And to further set an alibi that being a homosexual is never a STATE OF MIND nor EVEN A CHOICE, we test animals on whether it is even true. Now that we've moved on to that and cheating is a rave nowadays we then get back to testing animals on whether it's genetic or not. Having your face pimply due to genes you've inherited from your parents I can take. But being a cheater (let's add being gay to that too) is due to being wired that way? Haha. Very funny. Even TALENT, something that you can actually pass on and teach to your child to do is not because of that stupid milk he drinks nor was it thanks to you. It is just the way it is for them talents. You can have a musician as a parent and you can have an offspring who is a late talk show host (that's David Letterman to you) who can't even play a tune. But cheating because you got it physiologically from your parents? That is stupid.

You can however, be influenced by your parents. That I can agree. When you witness one of your parents is a cheater, it's either you join the club or be traumatized and be a hater and that's just it. And you know what I think? It's just an extremely lame excuse to begin with. What, your gene controls you on having an affair? LIke where has your brain went when given the situation? And like the genes you get from your parents in having cancer is there anyway you can prevent yourself from ever having? What next, a vaccine perhaps? Come on. Why don't you just say no?


" One day, a conversation between a teenager and his grandpa was heard.

The young man said, 'Gee! Grandpa your generation didn't have all these social diseases. You didn't have AIDS during your time. What did you wear to have safe sex?'

The wise old man replied, 'A Wedding Ring' " - forwarded quote. That didn't exactly relate to our discussion with cheating but I felt compelled rewriting it here that just one is enough.


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