If We Are All Left Naked (11.21.09)

I hope that my friends won't think of me less after reading this. I just thought this is fun. Notice the one in 10 is actually one of the reasons how people came to thought of doing something about their nakedness.

10. No one would be living in places where snow falls.

9. Excessive body hair would be a fad especially when temperature gets too cold.

8. The most popular industry would be anything that will enhance body features.

7. What you look when you go to a 'black tie' event (if there is even one) is same as when you go to your job interview.

6. There is no way you can fake that you are not expecting because your tummy is out in the open.

5. Marciano, Yves San Laurent, Victoria' Secret, FHM, Playboy, Tyra Banks and the likes are probably jobless and names we are not familiar of.

4. The 'tall, dark and handsome' line? Come on. It would probably be 'tall, dark and endowed'.

3. Men and women have one less thing to lie about. I've read it numerous times, when men are asked how 'endowed' they are, like their height, they add an inch or so. Women on the other hand, could never hide how flat they were before a surgery since everyone has seen it already and anyone who has had something 'done' are obvious.

2. People are less likely to be curious peeping toms. We'd probably be so used to seeing anyone naked it won't even 'matter' anymore.

1. You won't be surprised at what 'you'd' get. There would never be awkward moments between you and your hubby when both of you can already see 'theirs' before the big night.