Why I’m boycotting the Twilight Series (8.22.2009)

DISCLAIMER: Don’t flame me if you’re a fan. I don’t have the time to deal with you so you know what’s best at this type of posts. You simply ignore it.

Ok fine. I read the book, rated the entire book series 3 stars and watched the first movie. Well to make it clear I watched it BEFORE I even dared read it. And I read it because I thought there is MORE Meyer offered on the book. Thinking about it, to me it was just ok and IS JUST ENOUGH for me to finish it. But it WASN’T that good that...
1. It would make me watch the succeeding movies expecting that it would be better than the first nor even tolerate the thought of watching it with ignorant juveniles on movie theatres who’d probably be screaming the entire time.
2. I would shout out to the world how good it is.
3. If asked the tiring question, which was better, Harry Potter or Twilight and I’d ever choose the latter? No freaking way. Stephen King followed the HP series. Twilight however have some hopeless emos on its list. Actually, I find this funny that whoever thought of this question have no idea what he was just comparing.
4. I would read it again.
5. I’d be one of those brain-dead girls to adopt Cullen as a surname.

I’ve discussed this numerous times with all the people who get to hear my point of view on this whole fad and I think that since I’ve read it, it is enough for me to judge it the way that I do. AT least unlike those die-hard fans, I ACTUALLY READ IT. I don’t know it with them but I did hence the right for me to blame Twilight for:
1. Producing more EMOs than there already are. Even the female lead is turned emo. I think I remember a year ago on a magazine article (I was on the salon then and it was the only way I could force myself into doing, preventing any chat occurring between me and a classmate back from high school) where she was saying how simple she is in real life and now you’d see her facing a ‘rebel emo look’.
2. Producing screaming females who are dying for Edward Cullen.
3. Producing teenagers (referring to the actors of the films) that assume they are that huge of a celebrity. (Well they are, and they know it that I swear their heads are so swollen nowadays).

Days I’ve been itching to write this article but I’d say if it weren’t for these links this would never have happened:


And here are my unbiased reviews:


Now, don’t get me wrong. If you can read the entire reviews you can actually read me being excited at reading it. Well I usually am at any book I read. It’s not that I’m being hypocrite here. I’m just writing my thoughts because really, Twilight is being given too much credit and attention nowadays I’m wondering why that much? Meyer didn’t even end it with any fight at all. And those that I’ve written above (the first list) actually make me hate it now. I know I USED to enjoy the simplicity of it when I read it but this hype? Come on. Is this a sign that boy bands are coming back? Where is everyone’s taste??

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