The Hayden Kho Chronicles

I wasn't about write my thoughts on this issue anymore because this was supposed to be written two weeks ago, same time when Adam Lambert lost to Kris Allen and would have had a title 'What they lost this week'. But same old problem again of me not being able to juggle time between sleep, work, stalling, tv, frustrations on Cinema Tycoon 2 (which has in my own opinion would not have passed if I was the SA of that game, that is if that's what you call on game projects) and more sleep. But this certain issue has hogged offices, tv, and even thru quotes whoever in this country haven't heard of that scandal must be living under a rock at the deepest trenches of our oceans.

As i've told multiple times, the office downstairs has a ratio of 5 males:2 females (the other female is older than the rest of us and has kids. also before there where 6 men). Need I add still unmarried testosterone filled-men who secretly exchange porno (literally) at my back. Well at some times it's obvious.

One of which was this so called Kho-Halili scandal. Or much more apt, the Kho Chronicles as I call it. Well you see there was this link online, downloaded and spread at our office. The 10th floor IT found copies of the video a day or two after my mates at the 4th already feasted on it. Then the haunt for the next scandal was on, and stories of pirated stalls selling DVD of the scandals not meeting the 'demand' of the merchandise. I even remembered one said that there was this one stall that said *'Wala nang Hayden-Katrina Scandal dito, bukas na lang'. I've also heard people on public transports talk about it, there was one who have claims to have actually purchased the so-called DVD for 200.

I think I'm a moral-person the least and being opinionated
that I am I can't help but have these thoughts on these people and if given the chance (and courageous enough to tell them in their face) what I'd say to them:

The Filipino Masses - always curious and never wanted to be left out. They always find it uncool especially if they haven't known about this and that. They'd always be like - 'You haven't watched it yet?!' Plus with the technology nowadays, anything can be shared to anyone so effortlessly. And you know how Filipinos are. They love sharing. There was even one time back then when there was this infamous flash drive who I don't know who owns making rounds on all the pcs in the office.

The Media - again. Not only do they cause the hype but they instigate the fire of curiosity on everyone. Not that I'm saying that they've caused all this drama but they have their part. No need to say more to that.

Hayden Kho - so far with all the sidetracks this guy and his mom are causing he sounds like this guy I know (I know some of you are) who are Pilates at heart, everyone's to be blamed but not yourselves. All I could say is that the nerve of him. He only has balls on his videos but never on his reasoning. The issue here is not on the drugs or whatever next alibi you'd ever come up with. I knew someone who personally knew this guy back when he was still in college. From the story I learned that you weren't even appealing back then. With that I thought he must be an insecure person who need assurance that after a probably bad younger life needed some proof that he, who was once a nobody, can 'jug and sex' women most men of his age could only dream about. Such a lame excuse for a man. Grow some spine dude and stop acting like you're a victim here. Yes I've heard of the blackmailing and all but what, a collection of videos? How can you be a victim when you purposely recorded those videos without consent?! Have you heard of the Edison Chen scandals? He was a far better man than you could ever be because he admitted and showed remorse while you are actually competing for sympathy! If you really wanted us to see that you are genuinely sorry for this hype you've caused then show it. You can't even ask for forgiveness for crying out loud.

Katrina Halili - I haven't been watching too much news on the tv (again, by the time I reach home it's already primetime shows) but I've seen snippets and is always informed by officemates on the updates. I genuinely feel sympathy for you and I am proud to say that I can gladly say, 'No, Katrina, I haven't seen your video. I haven't and I'd never.' Yes. I haven't. The lady has my respect since the day I saw her cry on this other issue she had with another local actress. With what I found about that small encounter was that she may be a bitch on tv but she's plainly truthful on her relationships and she's very emotional in terms of the people she mingle with. To conservatives they may tackle the issue of her having sex out of marriage but that we aren't in the position to judge. It doesn't mean that she consented on doing it serves her right that she's done it. It just so happens that this guy has issues on his own and unfortunately she's a part of it.

As a woman I feel bad whenever people argue like is she (Katrina) all whining about when her video wasn't even that clear unlike the Hayden-Maricar scandal. And that why is she all being defensive about it when she is, after all a sexy actress. I think that both way of thinking are so uncalled for. It doesn't matter whether the video wasn't as clear as day, or whether she's a sexy actress or not, the issue here, is still, having a supposedly private moment
intentionally recorded without the consent of the other party. And that is just it. No need to dig deeper onto the drugs part (though that is a different story) or to the fact that the relationship Hayden has with Katrina was in his belief, nothing more than like that part up there 'jug and sex'. It's not an excuse why he'd do that in the first place. Keeping videos of those women he had sex with are like trophies of some sort for this guy and that is something, yes, well happening and probably would give everyone the idea of why not make videos of ourselves too? Like 'let's beat Hayden's record and show the world we are better men'. Such people are so sick and so full of themselves the only thing they know they could prove their manliness is when they do that. In the end they only make themselves pitiful.

*'There are no Hayden-Katrina Scandals here for now, but it will be available tomorrow'