Programming and Sweet Irony (3/30 – 4/3)


For the whole 16 months I’ve been working as a developer there are three things I’ve learned and probably true to most with the same job:
1.       The user gets what they want no matter what.
Yes. As I’ve said once here before, the user is the worst form of customer ever because, even if they aren’t right, they always get the last say. You may convince them to some of your ideas but the moment they sniffed they are out of control they bombard you with incredulous specs you wish you can strangle them as soon as after office hours.
2.       If you’ve already exhausted your resources, ask.
Always. If there are some things you are not aware, or are having problems with, ask. Consult with as many people as possible and do not underestimate any co-worker. They may have already encountered such problems before.
3.       Never over think the solution and never forget to always keep it simple.
One of the biggest problems of a senior programmer is over thinking on how to solve solutions that not only do they do it the long way, they would definitely confuse you, plus, making it more difficult for everyone else to understand. This is actually one of the reasons I’m writing this one down because I don’t get it when they try to resolve the problem by doing absurd and difficult solutions on such problems that can be solved in a much easier way. I wish I won’t be one my entire life and stick to things that would help me create turnarounds that too experienced programmers see differently, not to mention too complex. Programming should be done as simple as one can, and not a way to prove you are better than anyone by doing it the long way.

Sweet Irony

I said last week I was trying my best to keep off sweets.  But by Monday I already done my first ‘sin’ by eating a chocolate muffin and a smore’s cookie from Bread Monster (ATC). I don’t really feel good today, I feel so sad  for a reason I couldn’t write and this is my form of purging myself off of the melancholy. I promised that it would be the last but for some wicked twist of fate, the bosses from upstairs actually prepared a ‘despedida’ of some sort the next day, much to my surprise. Not only have they prepared coke but there was also chocolate cake and two tubs of ice cream, one was chocolate, the other was caramel something. Darn. I feel chills all over. If this is my first temptation of turning away from sweets I just failed it! Well better luck for me next time!



  1. sometimes.. more complex codes makes life easier... at first you'll say "oh man!! alien codes again..!!" then try asking about that function.. usually it sums up many lines of codes.. its the seniors job to explain those complicated codes... not just solve your software problem.. but it will help you on your next experiences.. and its your turn to teach others when you get at their level. ;)

    mid lang ako hehe.. pero dami ko natututunan sa mas bata sakin na senior.. and those knowledge helps me bigtime.. :)

  2. eee johanne first time mong rep sa kin to ah!!!

    anyways... i agree... ok nga sana yun, kaso if there is an easier way why not di ba?? i mean, yung solution na binigay sa kin nung last nung nagconsult ako sa isang senior, napakahaba, nung nagask ako sa officemate kong isa naman, simple kaso medyo mahaba pa rin... and then I found out a better solution. it only took me 3 lines. ^_^

  3. hehe :) uu nga.. programming na kse hehe..
    well uu nga... di rin actually ok lahat ang advices ng senior.. yung iba kse nagiging senior by years lang haha!! anung language gamit nyo? puro dotnet kme hehe... konti lang kakilala kong programmer eh hehe..

  4. ako din!!! oracle (pl/sql) lang bale. mukang mas flexible ang .net... sana di ako tamarin mag self study hehe

  5. uu sobrang flexible.. ayaw rin tumigil sa pagkakaroon ng bagong codes/commands.. whew hehe.. kasira ulo noh? hehe kaya mo yan! apir!

  6. woah talaga???!!! flexible nga! eee so exciting naman yan! makahanap nga ng mga ebooks wahehe