The Day I Should Have Stood Still (1.10.08) (Part 2)

After having my fill in scrap items (I bought new stickers and paper), Mark finally came and from there I knew I wasn’t going to spend the entire day alone. We talked about everything as usual, from gossips to office to what scrapbooking really is. I mentioned him that prior via ym and I had a hard time telling him what that was. He then treat me chocolate donuts and some drink (Dunkin’ Donuts) but still no sign of our college friends. The original time was 10 and it’s already 4pm. Good thing I didn’t rely too much on them and was ready for this, again.
Me and Mark chose to wait in front of Yellowcab and Carver’s and after an hour (I guess) later, he invited me to eat at Carver’s to kill more time. We were intrigued with their quarter pounder that is cheaper than Mcdonalds’. We placed same orders, but added strawberry mousse in his though I chose not to since I’m not that hungry yet.
Before they served our food, Gheng came, thinner as ever and went in but didn’t order anything. Our drinks came with Mark’s mousse, and a minute later our burger and another mousse. What the?! They just gave us a free dessert!
I was willing to give it back but Mark didn’t feel so especially when their burger didn’t really deliver. I wasn’t really impressed and chose to have a spoonful of that mousse as well even if guilt was digging through me. Talk about being B.I.ed. And after finishing the unpaid mousse Mark conspicuously placed it on the next table as if he really wanted us to be caught (Haha).
Ron came, the one who originally planned this (argh. And I spent every chance I get to spread the word out while I didn’t feel like she did anything till the last minute by calling Gheng and Lira who thought we called the rendezvous off) at around 5. We didn’t know a Redbox outlet out here so we just went to see what’s on their movie list and ended with The Spirit.
Lira came later, and met us after the movie. We were then walking, deciding where to have dinner but even before we get any more further, a commotion was building up, people blocking the entire floor and it only means two things: free food or a celebrity. Unfortunately it was the latter, Angel Locsin and Piolo Pascual was about to show up to go to Timex and you know how Filipinos are. They came alright, making the crowd howl in seeing them both.  I didn’t see anything since everyone else was just too tall but was all the more glad when it was over.
We walked searching for anywhere to eat, and ended up at Martabak, a small Indonesian restaurant flushed in a small space between two other restos I forgot the names. I ordered a combo platter titled with names hard to remember but was surprisingly delicious, particularly the shrimps. Good choice I didn’t order any fruit drink or soda hence I wouldn’t have enjoyed it that much.
After dinner, no matter how we coerced Ron in treating us chocolate cakes from that shop I’ve seen earlier, she didn’t budge so we ended up having donuts from Krispy Kreme and talked more that night. We planned another get together, now at E.K. this Valentine’s and left in good hopes that this newest attempt would be successful.
We walked further from my ride so I retraced my steps to where I thought my terminal was. I was surprised that an airconditioned jeep was bound to Dasma because I thought there wasn’t any such route from here (most rides from MoA has Imus as the farthest trip) and could I be any lucky when I came, it was as if they actually waited for me.
On the ride was a small tv, showing some Rudy Fernandez film that has lines so absurd sounding (some I defined in my head, like the line ‘<Name> May dalaw ka’. It sounded funny because the one who spoke it was behind the one he was referring to. That line I thought would even sound hilarious when told to a girl, haha!). Fernandez here was a ‘model’ police but with a mistress in the form of Ara Mina. They had this supposed to be a steamy love scene that involves too much kissing in all areas of the face possible and thought how badly it looked. I wasn’t able to finish it though, and wasn’t disappointed I didn’t, I haven’t placed my full attention on it at all anyway, it was just too predictable, plus tolerating the mistress fantasy by killing the entire family so he (Fernandez) can get away with it was just too pathetic.
I came at around 10, earlier than I expected, and was happy with the outcome of my day. I think I would like to repeat this soon, hopping to a new found restaurant and seeing a badly reviewed film. Let’s see if I can do this next month. Or it would be better, at least if I just went away on my own again. It won’t be that fun though, but at least I won’t be waiting hours for anything to start. ^_^.


  1. haha i liked his post. I agree to everything infairness