To Mourn Someone Familiar

How would I write a poem to mourn
A person I wasn't close to from highschool?
We knew each other by name and face
We may even had memories with our similar friends.
But what would I write to mourn
Someone I knew nothing special of?
That all that I knew is less than who he really is,
I may not even know who he had been lately!
Why I would write a poem to mourn
Is maybe due to reasons we are all unaware
Or maybe because I never had the chance to learn
Who he really was as others have known.
Note: He wasn't my friend. He wasn't anyone in my life other than being my classmate. Yet this fact that makes me feel I should, in behalf of those who barely knew him, especially those people that surrounded him. R.I.P Mark Lester Cruz.

1 comment:

  1. I know exactly what you mean. Someone who you have seen on a regular basis even with minimal interaction is gone. And coming to grips with the fact that you did not know him and possibly never will. Wondering if you should have.

    My cousin died and we rarely interacted despite both living in Manila. Turns out we were very different people.