Hot Fuzz

Genre: Comedy
Let me think of a word. Wonderful. Aww... What I would do to have myself an original copy of this movie. Love it, love it. Finally, after being disappointed by Chronicles of Riddick (2 Stars), Mr. Magorium's Emporium (3 Stars) and Lady In The Water (2 Stars aww don't get me started that it's Shamylan's work) this truly hit the spot in my holiday movie hunting on cable channels.

I first watched these dudes, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost (am I even allowed to even say couple if they are both men?) from Shaun of the Dead (today I found out they have a tv series, Spaced Out...drool), I even have a VCD of it, it was cool yeah, but not like this one. This one, did I even mention, I love it.

I so love the twists and turns of the story, that wicked humor (you must see the cult with their flashlights haha!), that camera action you must have noticed zooming in of something same as with Shaun of the Dead, the gun fights (imagine firing your gun in the entire village) and every little detail (you know how I am with small details). This is in fact, a sensible comedy film (haha), not your stereotypical type of movie with no well made plot at all -- try Epic Movie. I tried to detoxify myself after or else I might die of a ridiculous infection, Penn shouldn't have bothered touching that horrible script.

And so I gave it a five, since it made it to my all time movie favorites. I love it so much I would definitely watch out for the last of the Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy. I do recommend this for someone who loves witty dialogues, a break from hearing the F word to summon that you should laugh at the joke, and all the slapstick shenanigans. And you, yes you, if you'd ever find an HD DVD copy of it, call me (well pm me instead.).