Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy
Author:Michael Crichton (RIP)
Finished this a month ago, I guess (it was before I started reading the Twilight book, which I just read after I watched the film, and basically that's how far in the past it is) which was never a part of my plans. The book just caught my eye in Booksale, seeing that it was in good condition and was so cheap, I've tried to give it a try. I've never read a Crichton book before and the fact that at that time I just read from Time Magazine that he just died made it all the more that I should read a work of his.

Yes. Jackpot. The guy writes exactly what I want my writers to write, informative, fiction jiving with actual facts with a dash of witty humor.

I especially like the character of Amy the Gorilla, she's such a cute (I never really thought you could ever have cute and gorilla in one sentence) and an adorable character. I also liked his descriptions and how he presented Africa in ways I didn't know, from traditions that included cannibalism, to the description of the thick jungles I wouldn't dare go near in real life and yeap. The technology I've no idea exists or not.

Now if you haven't read this well here's an overview, it's about a team lead by a Karen Ross in search of Type II Boron type something something diamonds, in companionship of primatologist Peter Elliot with his sign-language able gorilla, Amy. Together they look for the City of Zinj (obviously the lost city had the diamonds), which I haven't researched yet if it was a 'real legend' (if you know what I mean).

What I could say about it is that, it made me learn a whole lot of things from gorilla research to piggyback slurp, aww gosh. Never thought i'd enjoy a 1980 book in all it's technology-lagged glory. Remind yourself internet was still an impossibility at that time and you'd be just fine with the book.

Oh, just to make things even better? I believe I just read it in a day and a half in between work. It just means two things, he's such a wonderful story teller you'd find yourself hooked. (",)