The Obsession with Adult Coloring Books

Yes. I did just say that. Adult Coloring Books. It's all the rave these days and I've got to say I'm also caught up on this new hobby. Unlike most hobbies that require you to have a table (e.g. scrapbooking, calligraphy), needs tons of materials (e.g. cross stitch), coloring only involves a book and a set of coloring medium you fancy. It's easy to put away and the only trash you would ever incur is in the confines of the sharpener container.

It's also relatively easy to do. There is no need for a manual, you just need to spread out the colors on the drawings. Yes, you do get the colors out of the line, but who cares? When most of us are not even familiar with pens anymore, you could say it's a feat you can even lift it in the first place.

So far I have only two books (Birds & Butterflies / The Magical City) and just a few colors (Stabilo / Faber Castell) due to me holding back on not going all gaga on this new found hobby (again). So far I can get by with a few (24 + 36 + 48*) but who knows I might buy those expensive ones on wooden boxes. I fear when that time comes but for the meantime I'd enjoy (even with the neck pains) the little that I have (hopefully until the pencils are half a crayon size). I feel like even though I am not that eager with my other hobbies anymore (time and effort obviously are the main culprits), I'm getting creative again!

24 Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils
36 Stabilo Color Pencils
48 Faber Castell Watercolor Pencils

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